Why Won't Twitch Permanently Ban MrDeadMoth For Hitting A Woman On Stream? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: The "MrDeadMoth" Twitch channel has been suspended after the massive internet backlash.

Luke Munday, known as MrDeadMoth on Twitch reached became globally infamous on Dec. 9. The Australian streamer was playing Fortnite when his fiancée started yelling at him to get off the game because their family had been waiting to eat dinner for over an hour. She starts throwing pieces of paper and cardboard while he's playing, and he storms off camera where an audible slap can be hard followed by screaming.

The clip of the incident took the internet by storm, with many wanted to know more about Munday and the repercussions for his heinous actions. His Twitch and Twitter accounts were quickly suspended and Munday was arrested. He received a four-week court date adjournment, which he spent mostly at his parent's house.

Many thought this would be the last we heard from Munday online, but in late December his Twitch and Twitter accounts were reactivated. Munday tweeted that he would be returning to Twitch in 2019, receiving an avalanche of responses wondering why he was still allowed on the platform. Munday did stream on Wednesday night, much to the dismay of those that thought he deserved a permanent ban from Twitch.

2 hours. #mrdeadmothhttps://t.co/XWTNx2QdoS

— MrDeadMoth (@MrDeadMoth) December 31, 2018

Twitch does not publicly comment on individual streamer bans, so it's unclear why his account was allowed back up. Accounts on the site receive strikes for when they break Twitch's Community Guidelines which includes "acts and threats of violence." One strike can suspend a user anywhere from one week to 30 days, depending on how many violations they've received over the past six months. It appears that since this incident was technically Munday's first violation, Twitch did not permanently ban his account.

Getting your Twitch account permanently banned is hard to do. Twitch tends to hate negative press, and knows the length of the average news cycle. One of the most infamous streamers to ever stream on the platform was Paul "Ice Poseidon" Denino. His content regularly involved him bothering strangers on Hollywood Boulevard, saying wildly profane and racist comments and just being an ass. After years on the platform, Twitch finally issued him a permanent ban after one of his users called in a bomb threat while Denino was on a plane. The massive media attention combined with the fact that Twitch employees despised his content, created the perfect storm to issue him a permanent ban.

There are plenty of instances of Twitch not banning content creators who engage in malicious activity. Newsweek published accounts from multiple women who claim Brandon "Graphist" Abrams sexually assaulted them. Twitch representatives refused to speak on the record about these incidents and Abrams still has his Twitch account.

Twitch does a terrible job of telling streamers what they can and can't do on their platform to get banned. Their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines are intentionally vague, punishing users for "harassment," "impersonation" or "nudity." It's up to Twitch and its moderators' discretion to determine what deserves a ban.

Mods reacted when Munday was in the news cycle, but obviously thought a perma ban was too harsh.

Those online have made their feelings about MrDeadMoth streaming again perfectly clear.

MrDeadMoth, the streamer who hit his wife in a horrifying altercation that was captured live, was unbanned on Twitch and streamed again!

Totally unacceptable from Twitch. Banning other streamers for much less and this guy gets back on?! I was provided this SS from his return. pic.twitter.com/H081sP3uQ6

— Rod Breslau (@Slasher) January 3, 2019

The man who beat his wife on stream (MrDeadMoth) is currently live streaming from your platform, how have you allowed this to happen bruh @Twitch

— FaZe Hazz (@Hazz) January 2, 2019

Dear @twitch/@TwitchSupport ,

Mrdeadmoth, the garbage human that beat his wife during a live stream has been unbanned on twitch. We seen the viral video of him hurting her. You’ve perma banned for way less. I think this is un acceptable from every angle... this has to be a joke.

— HellzGates 🔜 E3 (@HellzGatesOSRS) January 3, 2019