Mom-to-Be Told to Ditch 'Nasty and Cruel' Partner for Ignoring Her Birthday

A woman who is 37 weeks pregnant with her second child has taken to Mumsnet, asking for support after her partner ignored her birthday.

The woman asked: "AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to even think my partner may wish me happy birthday? I don't expect a gift, card or anything. My partner's birthday was less than a month after my dad passed and I still ensured I arranged a lovely weekend away for the 3 of us. Thank you in advance anyone who reads/replies X."

The user, Littlebitlost0001, explained that her relationship with her partner is particularly strained at the moment due to housing renovations, and that: "He has consistently blamed me about them despite me saying to only do upstairs and later do downstairs but he insisted on doing the entire house together."

She goes on to say: "Please note I am paying for all of the renovations and we stayed in a hotel for 2 weeks while the bulk of the work was being done. It's not ideal but I'm heavily pregnant and can manage. There have been 2 big arguments in the past week and I am just blamed for absolutely everything, everything I do is wrong and selfish apparently.

"He has not said anything to me, no happy birthday nothing. My son doesn't know it's my birthday bless him so I just got him ready and he went to school as usual. This day is especially tough for me as it will be the first birthday without my dad (he passed away almost a year ago and our birthdays are only a week apart - I was very close to my dad, he was a single parent and raised me and my brother alone)."

Partner Widely Condemned

Users flocked to the post to condemn the partner, with many urging her to leave him.

Macipex wrote: "Happy Birthday. Two things to do today, buy a treat or a present for yourself, and chuck this useless selfish spiteful bloke out of your life."

AvocadoSoup agreed writing: "I think you know what to do...Ditch him. You, your son and baby on the way deserve someone who can treat you all with kindness and respect. Happy birthday."

Mummabubs took a slightly more tactful approach writing: "Happy Birthday OP [original poster]. Your partner sounds quite cold and detached. I get that this isn't a snap decision to be made, especially with another baby due very soon but I'd personally be questioning what I was getting out of the relationship. At a bare minimum I'd want him to recognise that his behaviour today has been cruel, unacceptable and he's not to do it again."

When asked by user Meraas if the house was in her name, the original poster replied: "The house is in my name, but he often reminds me it is a "sh*t hole" in fact it's not, I'm very blessed it's a lovely 3 bed semi with a huge garden in a very good area.

"He also definitely knows it's my birthday he had brought it up a few weeks ago. He doesn't do much unless I initiate the idea. I don't expect anything just to be acknowledged I suppose. He can be very nasty and cruel."

Some users seemed positively irate by this account, with Poppyblush writing: "Treat yourself to some boots to kick his a*** to kingdom come. Seriously, get rid," and Trixiefirecracker adding: "Why is your bar so low? He sounds like a t*** and as a birthday present to yourself, kick him out."

A file photo of a couple after an argument. A user on Mumsnet who is 37 weeks pregnant had her birthday ignored by her partner. (Getty Images)