Neighbor's X-Rated Christmas Lights Fail Goes Viral: 'I Am Amazed by This'

An Oregon resident is spreading some much needed cheer this festive season thanks to a set of Christmas lights that has been turning heads—for all the wrong reasons.

Though it might seem corny to some, the fact of the matter is that setting up Christmas lights and other decorations can actually be good for you. As psychologist Deborah Serani told TODAY, the practice of putting up lights and other adornments creates a "neurological shift that can produce happiness.

"Anything that takes us out of our normal habituation, the normal day in, day out...signals our senses, and then our senses measure if it's pleasing or not. Christmas decorating will spike dopamine, a feel-good hormone."

One householder in Eugene, Oregon has certainly been doing his level best to provide his neighbors with a feel-good moment, though not necessarily in the way they may have thought.

The intention was clear enough. Eager to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, as is the custom throughout December, they decided to set out their lights with the simple message of: "Jesus Let It Snow."

However, in practice, the reality proved somewhat different. Due to a combination of limited roof space and the design of the property's windows, the resulting message, broadcast to the local neighborhood in bright lights, instead appeared to read: "Jesus Le Tits Now."

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The resident might well have got away with the blunder too were it not for their neighbor, Dan Thomas, who took a picture of the eye-catching display and shared it to Facebook. Newsweek has contacted Thomas for comment.

Even then it only reached a limited audience. It was only when Thomas' friend, Ben McKee, decided to share it to Twitter that the image exploded into life.

At the time of writing, McKee's post had been retweeted over 7,800 times, earning more than 72,000 likes in the process with fans in awe of the epic fail.

"I went to high school in Eugene," rccllap wrote. "I am amazed by this."

" this supposed to be saying?" a very confused slfisher asked.

Earlgreytea_pls commented: "I think 'le tits now' has a nice ring to it."

Tourofthefuture, meanwhile, had an inspired take on the message, saying it sounded like a "French-American guy arriving for an evening at the Moulin Rouge."

There were memes aplenty.

Some claimed it was inspired by a Saturday Night Live sketch involving Sean Connery playing Jeopardy!

While others noted this was far from an isolated incident.

For the most part though, it was all in good fun. While this particular resident may not have intended his Christmas lights to capture the imagination in this kind of way, it's certainly made for a memorable festive holiday down in Eugene.

This isn't the first time an unintentionally explicit image has gone viral on Twitter. In November, a seemingly innocent image of an entrance to a stream went viral after someone spotted something they shouldn't have.

Meanwhile, on the Christmas front, one family's unusually Goth-themed festive photo has proven a hit online.

A house decorated with Christmas lights.
A house decorated with lights for Christmas. A picture showcasing one resident's rather unfortunate choice of lighting has gone viral in the run up to December 25. HannamariaH/Getty