The 10 Most Watched Movies on Netflix in April 2021

Netflix's most watched movies of April 2021 was the usual grab-bag of starry Netflix originals, family friendly hits, and films from years ago that have had a sudden resurgence on the streamer seemingly for no reason.

Among the movies that Netflix released in April were the Melissa McCarthy-Octavia Spencer comedy Thunder Force, fishing doc Seaspiracy and the Anna Kendrick-starring sci-fi Stowaway. None of these, however, managed to take the top spot for April. Read on to find out what did.

The 10 most watched movies on Netflix in April 2021

10. Secret Magic Control Agency

A Russian CGI animation movie, Secret Magic Control Agency is a retelling of the story of Hansel and Gretel, which is the latest movie to take an irreverent spin on classic fairy tales—something perfected by...

9. Shrek

02 Shrek
Still from 'Shrek.' DreamWorks Distribution

April 22 marked the 20th anniversary of Shrek, and millions around the world celebrated with another trip to the swamp with Shrek, Donkey and Fiona. Thousands also noticed for the first time a rather x-rated detail in the movie that they had missed while watching as children.

8. Stowaway

Netflix has committed to movies in a big way in 2021, with the streamer announcing dozens of films featuring big stars. The latest of these is Stowaway, which sends Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette and Daniel Dae Kim into space—and into some gravity-defying space walks as they ensure there is enough air for them and the stowaway they discover on board.

7. Seaspiracy

The latest film in the "Spiracy" series after Cowspiracy. While that film highlighted the impact of farming on the planet, Seaspiracy takes on the fishing industry. Some have questioned some of its science, and others have accused it of being vegan propaganda, but, either way, a lot of people have been watching and learning from it.

6. Run

netflix april 2021
Sarah Paulson in 'Run.' Hulu

After debuting on Hulu in the U.S. last year, the Sarah Paulson-starring Run made it to Netflix around the world this month. The thriller, in which Paulson plays a mother with a dark secret, became Hulu's most successful original movie ever, so it is no surprise it has also had global success.

5. Sky High

Not the 2005 superhero comedy from the makers of Kim Possible, but a Spanish crime thriller starring Miguel Herrán, of Spain's two other juggernaut Netflix hits, Elite and Money Heist, as an up-and-coming criminal.

4. Blackhat

The latest box office bomb to get a second life on Netflix, Blackhat is a 2015 hacking thriller from Heat director Michael Mann starring Chris Hemsworth. Originally, it made under $20 million at the box office against a budget of $70 million, but its newfound success on Netflix may give its makers some (small) consolation.

3. Minions

With the second Minions movie now pushed to July 2022, viewers across the world have been getting their fix of the little yellow men by watching the original on streaming.

2. Thunder Force

thunder force netflix
Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer in 'Thunder Force.' Netflix

Melissa McCarthy's latest movie with director husband Ben Falcone (following Tammy, The Boss and Superintelligence) received scathing reviews from critics. Audiences were more pleased with the superhero comedy co-starring Octavia Spencer—though as Netflix counts anything over two minutes, we do not know how many were able to sit through to the very end.

1. Love and Monsters

While Netflix threw plenty of movies at its subscribers with starry casts, in April more viewers wanted to see a plucky teen take on a giant centipede monster in the latest movie intended to have a cinematic release that Netflix picked up during the pandemic.