New Yorkers Copy 'Friends' by Taking Three-Seater Sofa on the Subway To Avoid $350 Delivery Fee

Thrifty New Yorkers decided to take a three-seater sofa on the subway to avoid a $350 delivery fee, in a comical scene straight out of Friends.

Four pals didn't fancy forking out hundreds to move the grey couch, big enough for all of them to sit on, so they decided to do it the old-fashioned way—elbow grease.

Jonah shared a clip to his TikTok, @mayor_of_whovillle, showing three guys and one woman navigating the bulky furniture across town.

The hilarious video perfectly channels the Friends episode "The One With the Cop," from season five of the show.

It sees characters Ross, Chandler and Rachel, played by David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston, attempt to carry a couch three blocks.

Ross is also trying to avoid the delivery fee, but as the trio attempt to shift it into the apartment they get it stuck in the stairwell, during which they shout the now-iconic phrase "pivot."

Jonah's clip shows them walking it down Beekman Street, in Manhattan, before gingerly carrying it down the stairs to the subway.

While it's not clear how far they moved it, they jumped on the 6 service, which runs from Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall to Pelham Bay Park.

Comical scenes from inside the station show them maneuvering it through the ticket hall and down more stairs, before finally dragging it onto the train.

Once inside the carriage, they hilariously filmed themselves sitting on the sofa, eschewing the hard, plastic seats.


thanks but we’ll pass on the $350 delivery fee 🥰 we did it for 2.75 #diy #nyc #subway #funny #comedy #moving #budget #couch

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Luckily they were able to use the emergency exit at the destination, and as they went back on the streets one of the group informed them: "We are walking straight into a garbage can."

The next challenge came as they tried to figure out how to get the couch into the apartment—which wouldn't fit through the doorway.

One of the guys ends up taking the frame off, as he says: "Hope our landlord doesn't come. It's just not gonna work."

Finally, with a lot of lifting and shoving, they get the couch into the apartment, and finally film themselves having a well-earned sit-down.

Jonah captioned the clip: "Thanks but we'll pass on the $350 delivery fee. We did it for 2.75."

The video, shared in July, amassed nearly 1.5 million views and can be seen here, and he shared a follow-up to answer numerous questions from viewers.

Screengrab from Friends episode.
Screengrab from Friends episode 16 of season 6, The One with the Cop. A group of New Yorkers brilliantly recreated the scene, by carrying a couch on the subway. Comedy Central/YouTube

In the clip, the woman hauling the couch, says: "We didn't find that couch on the side of the road. That was our couch that we gave to our friends as we were moving out.

"We left the cushions at our apartment and then brought them over later."

And Jonah confirmed: "We did yell 'pivot' at one point, if you were concerned about that.

"The NTA people let us through the emergency door so we legitimately only did pay $2.75."

People are in awe over their dedication to avoid a high fee, with Kalani commenting on the original video: "The devil works hard but New Yorkers work harder."

Vanessa asked: "Why is everyone arguing about Friends in this comment section I am genuinely impressed by this and the dedication."

Mycatwilljudgeyou joked: "And you're all still friends? I'm impressed."

No One revealed: "Everytime I see someone carrying a couch I think of the word pivot."

Dyxontary wrote: "This is the most NYC thing I've ever seen."

Lovato declared: "Giving off Friends vibes with the pivot scene lol."

And Sam Walter added: "It probably would have been way easier if you said "pivot."

Newsweek reached out to Jonah for comment.