Newborn Deer in Middle of Road Are Saved by Farmer in Adorable Video

When a pair of baby deer were abandoned by their mother while crossing a road, a North Dakota farmer decided to help them.

A video of the man assisting the two tiny fawns, who were no more than a day old, has gone viral online.

The footage, which was posted to TikTok by farmer Robert Albright, known online as @flexicoil, begins with two baby deer in the middle of a road.

The tiny animals stand nervously as Albright approaches one of them, saying: "You're tiny. You born like four hours ago?"

One of the fawns then lets out a high-pitched squeak and Albright strokes its head.

The farmer then says "come on, let's go," before trying to usher one of the animals safely across the road.

When this doesn't work he picks it up and carries it to the grass on the other side.

After this, he goes to collect the other one, and does the same. Frustratingly in the meantime the first fawn has wandered back into the road.

Albright lifts it back up and returns it safely, saying: "Come on get back over there both of you, there's a car coming."

The incredible footage is captioned: "#farmer #Northdakota #whitetail #karma #karmaland #notmyvoice #four2echofarmshas."

Since the video was posted on May 30 it has been seen 16.2 million times, and garnered 3.3 million likes.

Speaking to a local news outlet, Albright explained: "I just couldn't believe it. They could hardly walk."

He revealed that their mother had already crossed the road, but she was not returning for the babies.

The farmer said: "You can hear it in my voice 'you're just tiny.' Their legs sounded like wooded dowels clacking on the highway," he said.

"They weren't going to make it across on their own. Their feet really didn't like the pavement."

He added: "I was in a hurry. I wanted to move them and get out of their world,"

Many on TikTok took to the comments section to share their views on the video.

One person, Katarina Giselle, wrote: "They are soooo tiny! Hope ya put them on the right side of the road though and hope the mom found em! She should've had them deep in the woods."

Another social media user, Tooleboxxx, added: "Thank you for getting them off the road, they can't do anything this early! Hopefully mom came back for them!"

Jen typed: "It was that tiny whimper in the beginning."

Fouzwaleed commented: "So lovely I'm melting."

Newsweek has contacted Albright for comment.

baby deer in grass
A stock image of a fawn sitting in long grass. In the TikTok video a farmer had to help two baby deer cross the road. Getty Images