Newly Adopted 12-Year-Old Grumpy Cat Delights Internet: 'Looks How I Feel'

The internet has been left in stitches after a Reddit user shared a picture of their newly adopted cat.

Twelve-year-old Smurfy the Sphynx was adopted by Reddit user u/PABreadman who shared the story on the popular discussion site on Sunday. Alongside a picture of the cat, the caption read: "Meet Smurfy, just adopted 12 yr old ex stud cat living his best life now..."

Smurfy lives in Abington, Pennsylvania with his owners Ed and Deneen Hsu. With more than 13,000 upvotes and hundreds of delighted comments, Reddit users were thrilled by Smurfy's story.

Grumpy cat Smurfy
A picture of Smurfy the Sphynx who has delighted internet users with his hilarious expressions. Ed & Deneen Hsu

Ed Hsu told Newsweek: "We were left heartbroken after losing our previous cat at only 5 years old. We wanted another Sphynx in our lives, so my wife reached out to a known breeder and learned that Smurfy was being retired from being a stud cat.

"He doesn't get along well with other male cats, so he spent most of his time alone and his options for companionship were limited. Age was not a factor for us. We missed out on our other cat's golden years so the opportunity to love Smurfy is a blessing."

Entire male cats—meaning those that have not been neutered—are often called stud cats. Full of testosterone their behavior is known to be quite different from that of your neutered male kitty, but, with proper behavior management, having a dedicated stud cat can be essential for cat breeders.

Information site Bombadillo Kittens explains: "The single biggest benefit of having a stud cat is that you do not have to send your girls out to stud. Sending your girls out to stud is a high-risk activity and the primary source of feline infections. If you have your own boy, once you have all of your girls settled in, you are essentially a closed community."

It is also said to be less stressful for female cats to be able to breed in their own homes, and a dedicated stud cat gives the breeder more control over mating and monitoring.

The cat's hilarious expression prompted Reddit users to flood to the comments to share their thoughts. One commenter wrote: "I'm in love." Another commented on the cat's stern expression and said: "That's the scariest cat I've ever seen."

Another Redditor suggested: "Judging from the look on his face, you must have gotten him fixed." The poster confirmed that Smurfy was neutered just before they took him in and wrote: "Maybe that's why he always looks p***ed..."

"Stud cat?" wrote another commenter. "Sounds like he was living his best life before."

"You have shaved a pug don't lie to me," joked another Redditor. "That cat looks like it has gone through every war in history," wrote one viewer of the viral post.

Smurfy the Sphynx
A picture of Smurfy—a former stud cat—enjoying his new laid-back life post-retirement. Ed & Deneen Hsu

"He gives Grumpy Cat a run for his money," said one comment. While another Reddit user joked: "That cat looks how I feel."

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) noted that the popular Sphynx cat is considered to be rare and unusual by lovers of the breed. Because of this, the CFA says that most breeders have waiting lists for kittens. The CFA says: "Sphynx are truly a rare treasure and should be kept indoors, neutered or spayed and provided with loving and interactive surroundings to maintain a healthy, long and enjoyable life."

"That has got to be the coolest looking cat I've ever seen," said one commenter, while others praised the Reddit user for taking on the older feline. "Thank you for giving him a better life and a real home," said another user.

"Smurfy spends his days relaxing in sunny spots, napping, eating, playing, cuddling with my wife his new dog siblings," said Hsu. "And trying to win over the affections of his new cat sister."

Earlier this year, another cat's hilarious "resting grumpy face" left the internet in stitches following a viral video where the feline was even compared to comedian Jim Gaffigan.

Update 05/16/22, 7:39 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include additional information.

Update 05/16/22, 10:55 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include new pictures and comment from Smurfy's owners.