Niall Horan Responds to Girl's 'Iconic' Viral Trivia Answer

A young girl named Hayden has gone viral for her "iconic" answer to a general knowledge trivia question.

In a now-viral video, Hayden and her friend Bella are asked to name the world's two longest rivers. The video, originally filmed by Dominic DiTanna, was posted to Twitter on Monday by Rikke. It has received over 350,000 views and hundreds of comments, including one from singer Niall Horan.

At the beginning of the video, DiTanna asks Hayden and Bella if they are "smarter than a fifth grader." Bella quickly says "no," but Hayden gives DiTanna a confident "yes."

DiTanna then asks Hayden to point to a card in his hand. When she makes her selection, DiTanna reads off one of the card's questions.

Niall Horan and Nile River
Niall Horan, left, tweeted a response to one girl's now-viral answer to a general knowledge trivia question. To the right is the Nile River. RB/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor and AMIR MAKAR / Contributor/Getty

"What are the two longest rivers in the world?" he asked.

Hayden quickly gives the first answer—"The Amazon."

"Yes! And?" DiTanna asks again.

He points the microphone to Bella but she remains silent as Hayden pitches in: "The one named after the One Direction guy—the Nile."

DiTanna throws his hands in the air, telling Hayden she's right, to which Hayden responds: "Wait, actually?"

In her tweet, Rikke tagged Horan, hoping the video would make him "smile." About an hour later, he responded.

"It's true. It was named after me," Horan tweeted.

Mnemonic Devices

A handful of commenters across TikTok and Twitter applauded Hayden's mnemonic device, calling it "clever."

"You knowww she used that to remember that on a test in school and I respect the hell out of it," Madison Wilfong tweeted.

TikTok commenter Andrew Gatenby wrote: "so clever."

"I love her [mneominc] device," wrote TikTok user RyanReynolds_OnlyDads.

Mnemonic devices are "memory techniques that can help you increase your ability to recall and retain information," MasterClass defined. There are several different types of mnemonic devices a person can use to "increase [their] retention of information," including:

Method of Loci

Also called the "memory journey method," this device "employs visualizations."

"Use the method of loci by imagining yourself moving through a familiar space. This form of image mnemonics can help you remember routes, locations, and lists," MasterClass advised.


Masterclass says "chunking" is a "form of organization mnemonics" where a person "breaks down pieces of information and learns them individually before putting them together." According to the education platform, this device is particularly helpful for memorizing phone numbers.

Acronyms and Acrostics

As the name implies, this method relies on a person creating words from the "first letter of each word or line and putting them together." Popular examples of this are "Roy G. Biv" and "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (PEMDAS)."

Other effective mnemonic devices include rhyming mnemonics and music mnemonics, among many others.

Viewers React

Of course, the Nile River was not named after Horan. Still, commenters thought Hayden's memory technique was hysterical and called her an "icon."

"THIS GIRL IS A LEGEND," Nope exclaimed.

"Ok but she's an icon for that," ella wrote.

"THE NIALL HAHAHAH," Georgia Thomsen laughed.

"PLEASE THIS IS SO FUNNY," Harry's wife commented.

Hannah_bananna simply called the Hayden "iconic."

Other Viral Moments

The video isn't the first Twitter post to go viral recently.

A video posted to the platform last week of the moment a man threw a trash can at a marching band during a parade amassed over 12 million views.

A former Subway worker also went viral last week for revealing the one sandwich order that still "haunts their nightmares."

And earlier this month, a video showing the moment an oblivious wedding guest continued to dance as a fire blazed behind him went viral with over 13 million views.