Where to Buy the Nintendo Switch OLED: From Best Buy to GameStop

The Nintendo Switch OLED model has now launched in the U.S., but the console's availability is very limited at this stage.

For those who are not aware, this latest edition of the handheld device is only an incremental upgrade over the original version, rather than a true next-gen successor. It has a more stable kickstand, increased internal storage, an inbuilt LAN port and, the headline attraction, a larger screen with Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology.

This last point essentially means that you will benefit from a superior picture quality with sharper contrast, deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. For more details about the various improvements, read our coverage here.

With the Nintendo Switch OLED model being a brand-new release, it is inevitably quite hard to get a hold of at the moment. To help increase your odds of procuring the hardware, Newsweek has listed the best places to look below.

Best Buy Nintendo Switch OLED Stock

At the time of writing, the Nintendo Switch OLED edition is sold out at Best Buy. However, there are various product pages set up for the handheld and we would recommend that you keep checking the store page just in case there is a refresh later today.

In general, retailers like Best Buy coordinate their console drops (for PlayStation and Xbox hardware) on a fortnightly basis, although this precedent has yet to be set for the Switch OLED. As we mentioned in our latest PS5 restock update, many outlets will be stockpiling their supplies in the lead up to Christmas as well, so it might be difficult to place an order before November.

Check Nintendo Switch OLED stock at Best Buy

GameStop Nintendo Switch OLED Stock

One of your best bets for getting a Nintendo Switch OLED model right now (for its recommended manufacture's price) is probably GameStop. The retailer was one of the few U.S. merchants that actually took pre-orders for the console earlier this year and they still have designated product pages listed on their website.

@GYXdeals will be monitoring for any surprise restocks taking place over the coming days, so it might be worth following them on Twitter and switching on notifications.

Check Nintendo Switch OLED stock at GameStop

Amazon Nintendo Switch OLED Stock

The Nintendo Switch OLED edition is listed at Amazon. While the retailer's own units are currently out of stock, you can purchase a few second-hand models if you are willing to pay over double the recommended manufacture's price. That being said, we would advise that you hold off until the next official restock so that you can get a fairer deal.

Check Nintendo Switch OLED stock at Amazon

Nintendo Store Nintendo Switch OLED Stock

Of course, you can always try Nintendo's own official storefront when looking for a Switch OLED model.

There are multiple bundles listed on the website, but most of these are currently unavailable. Still, if anywhere is going to have an early restock, it is probably going to be the console manufacturer itself.

Check Nintendo Switch OLED stock at the Nintendo Store.

Walmart Nintendo Switch OLED Stock

Walmart does not currently have any Nintendo Switch OLED editions in stock, but there are a few accessories for the console, such as carry case bundles.

There is a chance that second-hand units might later become available on the Walmart website (as it does host third-party traders as well). If this happens though, be prepared for those units to be considerably overpriced.

Check Nintendo Switch OLED stock at Walmart.

Newegg Nintendo Switch OLED Stock

Similar to Walmart, you can expect second-hand units of the Nintendo Switch OLED model to start popping up on Newegg's website eventually.

However, bear in mind that these will be sold by scalpers and will therefore be listed for extortionate costs. If you are uncertain about how much a Nintendo Switch OLED model should set you back, everything that you need to know is available here.

Check Nintendo Switch OLED stock at Newegg.

Target Nintendo Switch OLED Stock

Target has not been selling the Nintendo OLED yet and does not have any product pages currently up for the portable device.

That being said, it never lists any items that are out of stock. For example, if you look for the PS5 or Xbox Series X on Target's website, you will not be able to find any record of them being traded, despite the fact that the retailer does indeed sell both consoles.

The same applies for the Switch OLED so, even though you cannot see it right now, you should keep checking from time to time (especially today when there could be day-one restocks).

Check Nintendo Switch OLED stock at Target.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Model
Image shows the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which released on October 8, 2021. Nintendo