Fact Check: Did North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Call Joe Biden a Thug During a Speech?

A video clip of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un giving a speech in Korean has been widely circulated on social media. The footage comes with English subtitles that reference Joe Biden as a "thug," among other claims about the president.

The clip sparked debate on social media about whether the subtitles of the video are legitimate.

The video was first shared by TikTok user @tabitharetals, whose profile description says "A conservative mama. Embracing #Cult45. just for fun tik tok."

The TikTok clip was also shared on Twitter by user @Godwins123456 who tweeted: "Even this short/fat dictator (remember when Trump said, 'I would never call him short and fat) knows Biden better than... 80 million people (give me a break). One of these lousy day's, I truly believe, God is going to step in."

The Claim

The subtitles of the video say: "Joe Biden is a weak president and an insult to North Korea, he is the thug letting protesters burn buildings down. Trump and I still have a good relationship.

"Biden is a coward, he is more worried about Coronavirus and makes America weak. Biden is the real thug you can't even understand a word he says on TV, he is very mentally unstable," the subtitles conclude.

The video has received over 18,000 likes as well as at least 3,338 shares and 955 comments since it was posted on TikTok.

The video tweeted by user @Godwins123456 has received nearly 15,000 views as well as 923 likes and 613 retweets since it was posted on Sunday.

Several Twitter users appeared to assume the subtitles are valid and agreed with the words claimed to be said by the North Korean leader.

User @TeHenderson14: "Never thought I d respect Kim more than Joe."

User @geranthony2 wrote "I agree with him," while user @PrceDebbie simply tweeted "Absolutely" and user @kevin_mcdevitt wrote "Well said!"

User @Nikki_Cush tweeted "Rocket man is spot on!" while user @Sunshin32333387 wrote, "Rocket man ain't stupid and he knows Biden is an imposter. Trump won and is respected."

Even this short/fat dictator (remember when Trump said, “I would never call him short and fat😂) knows Biden better than... 80 million people (give me a break🤦‍♂️). One of these lousy day’s, I truly believe, God is going to step in 🙏

— Bobby (@Godwins123456) March 21, 2021

Others questioned the validity of the subtitles, while some said the translation is untrue.

Twitter user @molemole21 asked "Is this the actual translation?" and user @RoughNeck99801 tweeted "Id take a tiktok post with a few grains of salt..."

User @RoseBThorney tweeted "It's not real," while user @beachbumfaka wrote "The subs are made up."

User @FricknChikn noted, "This circulating a lot and it's fake. It's good for a laugh."

User @Jack_Stout_II wrote: "You do know that is not a real translation of what he is saying right? Not that I disagree with the message this video is saying, but that is not what he is saying."

The Facts

The video circulating on social media is a clip from a speech Kim gave last year in early October at a military parade ceremony celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the country's ruling Workers' Party.

The ceremony marked the country's first military parade since 2018. The footage shared on social media shows Kim addressing the attendees of the ceremony.

The English translation of the words spoken by Kim in the video clip are as follows:

"To all the people of this entire country and soldiers of the Korean People's Army [North Korea's military force] on this October anniversary.

"To the public safety officers and the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and members of the Red Youth Guards [both of which are North Korean military reserve forces].

"To the delegates of the 75th anniversary celebration ceremony and citizens of Pyongyang [the North Korean capital].

"To the military officers and units participating in this military ceremony for this glorious October anniversary," Kim said.

The North Korean leader made no mention of the U.S. during his speech.

After Kim's speech, the military parade showcased several weapons, including a new intercontinental ballistic missile, as well as a submarine-launched ballistic missile and a version of Russia's Iskander short-range ballistic missile.

The Ruling


Kim did not call Biden a "thug" in the speech.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un
President Donald Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un talk before a meeting in the Demilitarized Zone on June 30, 2019, in Panmunjom, Korea. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images