Bullied Labrador Breaks Hearts Online With His Emotional Support Teddy

Whether it's a petty coworker laughing at your socks or someone at school making fun of your lunchbox notes, bullying is always hurtful. This might be why the internet was quick to jump to the defense of Ollie, a 7-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever being picked on by some bigger dogs.

In a video shared to TikTok on Tuesday (which can be viewed here), his owner Alex (who runs the good.boy.ollie account) shared that Ollie is being bullied by two bigger dogs in their village in Berkshire, England.

He explained: "My poor sensitive dog is being bullied by some dogs in our village. Now he needs to bring his teddy out with him to give him confidence.

"I swear those other dogs better be nice to him today look at how precious he is."

Luckily, Ollie doesn't have to face the bullies alone. As well as the support of his owner, he has his emotional support teddy, Puppy. Puppy was a birthday gift from Alex's friend Hector, and is one of several "emotional support toys" Ollie calls his own.

Alex told Newsweek: "There's a pair of dogs who are bigger than Ollie. Unfortunately for whatever reason they dislike him, and approach him as a pair to pick on him.

"They don't hurt him, but they growl and get in his face, which scares him. I've spoken to their owner about keeping the pair on their lead—I always keep Ollie on his lead away from them—and avoiding us, but unfortunately we still bump into them around the neighborhood.

"Ollie never fights back, he's very submissive and just hides behind my legs. I always remove him from the situation immediately because it's not fair on him.

"He's smaller than your average lab and very submissive, so unfortunately some dogs aren't nice to him."

TikTokers were quick to defend Ollie, with user D saying: "Whose mum do we need to talk to Ollie?"

Raya_todorova87 said: "What are their names?"

Laura Flo Cowen commented: "Just point them out, we got your back Ollie."

According to a study by La Trobe University, how much a dog is socialized as a puppy has a big impact on its behavior as an adult. This is particularly true during the "socialization period," which occurs between 3 and 12 weeks of age. During this period, dogs would usually start to play with their littermates and begin to explore the world around them. Dogs that are not properly socialized during this time often go on to develop behavioral problems, such as aggression towards people and other animals.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

Alex continued: "Ollie has a few different toys that he loves to bring on his walks. He's a retriever, so it's in his nature to enjoy carrying things. He always seems happier and more confident when he has something to carry.

"We have not bumped into the pair of dogs recently, so Ollie has been much more confident on walks.

"A few other dogs have approached him to play with his teddy which was lovely. Ollie was more than happy to play and share.

He added: "Ollie's usually a really calm and sweet boy who is happy to see everyone, which is why it's sad to experience dogs being unpleasant to him. He loves to play with other dogs when he's allowed.

"He doesn't have a bad bone in his body. There are very few things that upset him, but holding a toy makes him feel much calmer. We always call them his 'emotional support toys.'"

This isn't the first time the adorable Ollie has gone viral. He also charmed the internet when his dad donned a "cone of shame" in solidarity with the Labrador.

Ollie and His Emotional Support Toy
Ollie the dog and his "emotional support toy" Puppy out for a walk with owner Alex. A chocolate labrador on a lead carrying his teddy bear. GOOD.BOY.OLLIE/TIKTOK