Owner in Disbelief When $13k Fence Fails to Keep His Escaping Dog Contained

Dogs are well-known escape artists, who have no problem jumping out of a window or vehicle in search of food or fun.

One owner seemingly went to extreme lengths to keep their beagle contained by installing a pricey fence.

The family, thought to be from the U.S., forked out a whopping $13,000 on a state-of-art barrier with black metal bars.

But the owner was dismayed when they filmed their pooch, named Scooby, managing to slip through the gaps.

They shared a clip to their TikTok account, @Scoobythewonderdog, as they filmed Scooby pressing his nose to the fence, trying to get through.

With no luck Scooby tries another section and rams his face between the bars. With a lot of effort, and some wiggling, he's finally free as he runs off into the distance.

"Just spent $13,000 on a fence to keep him in the yard," the owner captioned the TikTok clip, shared on Saturday, which can be seen here.

The owner shared a few follow-up clips to the site, showing their mutt digging up the grass. "Scooby destroying the yard," they said, which may have been another reason why they tried to keep him contained.

In another clip, showing him running around with something in his mouth, the owner wrote: "Most destructive and untrained dog ever."

While a video shared to the site on Monday revealed more about the background to the fence drama. It shows Scooby behind a barrier made from wooden sticks, held together by wire.

Scooby, on his hind legs, is gnawing at the poles, while whining, as the caption explains: "Why my owners had to buy me a $13,000 aluminum fence."

The original clip amassed more than 6 million views, as people were in awe over Scooby's escape artist skills and fellow pet owners shared suggestions on how to keep him contained.

Courtney Reale said: "I have this exact fence and my dogs do the same thing. Had to buy inflatable collars! The cost of the fence is accurate! I live in Tampa, FL, metro."

Jacob English thought: "Ain't nothing going to keep a beagle inside."

Agreeing, LiquidSnowSurfer commented: "There's no stopping a determined beagle."

Linda E wrote: "Get cheap chicken wire to actually keep him in."

The material seemed to be popular, as Chelsey Joy added: "That happened to us. We put chicken wire on it."

Jennifer Olivares thought: "Put privacy screens on your fence. Still looks nice and he won't get through unless he's part bulldog / goat and that's it."

Newsweek reached out to @scoobythewonderdog for comment.

File photo of dog behind a fence.
File photo of a dog behind a fence. An owner showed off their state-of-the art fence, which their dog can slip right through. mladenbalinovac/Getty Images