Montage of Pets High on Sedatives Has the Internet in Stitches

We've all seen videos of people acting out of character and going off on rambles while high on pain medication, and it seems animals are no different.

A vet worker has shared a hilarious montage of cats and dogs apparently under the influence of sedatives, and it's safe to say they look pretty chilled out. Bry, who calls himself a vet tech, uploaded the video to his TikTok page on Friday, where it's gone down a storm with viewers, racking up more than 13 million views.

"Sometimes the drugs just hit different," he captioned the clip, set to the aptly themed track "Because I Got High" by Afroman. It shows a montage of seven dogs and one cat, all in various states of inebriation, seemingly due to medication.

Their tongues are lolling, tails are wagging, and some are lying in bizarre positions, with their faces pressed up against the cage. Others are wrapped up in blankets, looking as if they're nursing a severe hangover.

Numerous people commented on the clip, asking if the animals were in pain, to which Bry replied: "They're totally fine! Just going down after sedation for routine dentals."

And asking why the fifth animal had its fur in what appears to be a cast, Bry explained it was to "keep the blood and tartar out of her hair." But it seems the second dog struck a chord with followers, due to its attempt at a tail wag.

Stephanie_anne90 said: "That anaesthetized tail way has me reminiscing on my efforts to complete daily activities while under the influence."

Erin Brown commented: "#2 trying to wag his tail but he's too high to do it correctly."

Although Bry later revealed exactly what was going on, after receiving numerous comments about the mutt. "Girl Imma be honest he was pooping in that video. I didn't know until I went to sit with him in his kennel after," he admitted.

Another commenter, called Grace, joked: "Give me whatever they on."

Maria Patterson admitted: "We need more. This isn't enough."

"I just choked on air laughing so hard," Hope admitted.

Laura Archer Baggett thought: "They be tasting colors and seeing sounds!"

While Hannah Palmi added: "They're all such a vibe."

But Bry gushed over the animals, treated in an unknown animal hospital, saying "we have the cutest patients," while he raved in another video: "It's the best job ever."

He later added in a follow-up clip: "To all who were concerned—our patients are the most loved, all of them went home happy and healthy."

Veterinary center website Willows warns owners not to give their pets human medication, and states they should always consult their veterinarian before administering anything to an animal.

The website says: "You should never attempt to treat your pets with human medication, precautions should be taken to keep household medications out of reach of your pet to avoid a potentially harmful or fatal reaction.

"Unfortunately, it is commonly assumed that a medication that is safe for humans will also be safe for pets. As a result, a number of animals are poisoned every year when their owners attempt to give them treatment for pain without consulting their vet."

Newsweek reached out to Bry for comment.

A dog sedated at the veterinary clinic.
File photo of a bichon maltese dog breed sedated at the veterinary clinic. A vet tech has shared a hilarious montage of pets apparently high on sedatives online. Getty Images/Todorean Gabriel