Owner Finally Realizes Why Vet Laughed at Dog's Name After Translating It

A dog owner is in stitches after finally realizing why the vet was laughing at their dog's name, after they translated it to Thug Life.

Owner u/Sector7Studios lives in France and adopted a senior dog last year to live with their existing rescues, they explained on Reddit.

They named him Herbie, but their curiosity was piqued after French-speakers kept laughing at his French name, so they decided to look it up.

After a quick search, they realized their 12-year-old dog was in fact called Thug Life on his paperwork.

The dog owner shared the revelation to the site's Rare Puppers forum, saying: "Adopted this dude, named him Herbie. We didn't know why the vet laughed at his French name, so we finally translated it."

They shared a photo of the dog, along with paperwork, clearly stating "Thug Life" on it.

The post, which can be seen here, has amassed more than 13,000 upvotes since being shared on Monday.

In the comments the owner shared more details, revealing his official French name is: "'La vie de voyou'—or Voyou for short. He came with a lot of paperwork and has been through multiple homes—and names—over the years. We just never looked that closely at it all until today."

A quick search on Google confirms "voyou" translates to "thug," while "La vie de voyou" is "The Thug Life."

"I think he got the name when we went into the rescue center. He was adopted by another family from there who sadly had to give him up, we took him in without a second thought. So yeah, someone was having fun naming the dogs at the center!" the owner added.

They also theorized Herbie's official name was so funny because "he's this little, gentle old guy. He's the least intimidating dog ever."

And they joked: "He's 12, been around the block a few times so maybe the name fits! He's full of love and is a great older bro to our other two rescues."

Speculating about his previous life, the owner wrote: "I think he just had a run of bad luck. We've made sure that's all changed now though.

"All our dogs are rescue pups and they've all been so grateful and loving, but Herbie even more so somehow, he's just come out of his shell so much over the months we've had him. He's living his best life for sure.

"He is OBSESSED with my wife. Definitely some separation anxiety there but fortunately our life means we never have to leave him alone so he just gets cuddles all day every day and that's never gonna change!"

Newsweek reached out to u/Sector7Studios for comment.

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Numerous Redditors found the moniker hilarious, as Admirable_Progress89 joked: "He didn't choose la vie de voyou, la vie de voyou chose him."

Bringer0fTheDawn admitted: "...and here I was thinking 'thug life' in French is like, herr bié or something."

Dangerbird2 commented: "Huge missed opportunity to name him Tupac."

Reginald_Venture agreed, saying: "Herbie has a degree in thugonomics."

While Livvyxo raved: "This is incredible. Long live Thug Life Herbie."

The American Kennel Club shared tips when naming a dog, suggesting: "Dogs have an easier time hearing hard consonants and long vowels, so a name like 'Lucky' or 'Benny' will be easier for him to distinguish from other sounds.

"Most dog training experts recommend a one or two-syllable name that you can say quickly.

"It's also commonly recommended that you avoid male dog names that sound like commands, for example, 'Kit,' which sounds like 'sit,' or 'Bo,' which sounds like 'no.'"

They also revealed the top five dog names in the U.S. are Max, Cooper, Charlie, Buddy and Milo as they shared the top 100—with neither Herbie or Thug Life making the list.

File photo of a dog.
File photo of a dog. An owner is in stiches after discovering what their dog's name really means after translating it. Brad Covington/Getty Images