You Can Get Paid $120k a Year to Drink Wine and Live in California Rent-Free

A company is looking to pay someone $120,000 a year to drink wine in California—and it'll even cover your rent.

Murphy-Goode Winery, based in Sonoma County, has advertised a dream job, which along with a $10,000-a-month salary includes a year's supply of wine.

The lucky applicant will live rent-free in the picturesque town of Healdsburg, learning about all aspects of wine-making and harvesting.

Murphy-Goode Winery says it is looking for a person who "answers, 'yes, please' when someone asks you 'red or white'."

"You didn't choose wine; wine chose you. Do words like Cabernet, Rosé, and Chardonnay just roll off your tongue?" it asks.

The company, who offered a similar role in 2009 following the economic downturn, said it has introduced the role to help someone launch, or change, careers following a "rough year."

The full-time, year-long position, will see the new employee start off shadowing winemaker Dave Ready Jr., the son of one of the three founders.

Explaining more about the set-up, Murphy-Goode Winery said: "Bottom Line: Someone who wants to join the Goode life, has a passion for wine and is ready to dive headfirst into our world with us! You don't need wine experience or to have passed the Master Sommelier exam.

"Every day could be different, depending on your interests and focus. We will work with you to identify your passion to create your ideal role at the winery. You will be an employee, just like our other members of our team, working 40 hours per week.

"We cover the rent, the job, and wine, but we won't manage your life. Since this a real job, it's open to singles, people with families, pets, etc. So, once you are here, we hope you and your loved ones leave the house and explore Sonoma County because it is a pretty awesome place to live."

The role, dubbed a "Really Goode Job," is open to anyone aged 21 and above, who is a resident in the U.S. or authorized to work there.

To land the role, you'll need to send a video application here explaining why you're a perfect fit, with semifinalists selected for in-person interviews in Healdsburg.

Entries close on June 30, with the role starting in September "right when we start bringing those delicious grapes," Murphy-Goode said.

"That gives you an opportunity to see the whole process of winemaking—grape to glass," they added.

Woman drinking red wine at vineyard
Stock image of a woman drinking red wine at vineyard. A company has advertised a dream job paying someone $120,000 a year to drink wine and live rent-free in California. EoNaYa/Getty iStock