You Can Now Get Paid $1k to Be an Official Taste Tester and Eat Potatoes

Calling all carb-lovers, the ultimate gig for foodies has just opened up as one lucky person will now get paid to eat potatoes.

Boiled, fried, baked, sautéed, mashed, scalloped, cubed, crisped and roasted, there are countless ways to enjoy the versatile vegetable, and that's not even mentioning flavors of chips.

Normally hungry customers shell out for their favorite dishes, but Finance Buzz is looking to recruit and pay an official "taste tester."

The successful candidate will munch their way through 20 international recipes, featuring potatoes as the star ingredient, in a bid to celebrate National Potato Lover's Month, which falls each February.

Finance Buzz, a Launch Potato company, explained it is "looking for America's biggest potato lover to taste some spud-tacular recipes and help us put together a bucket list of countries potato-loving travelers should visit."

Among the dishes, and countries, on the map are Italian gnocchi, Japanese potato salad, Canada's infamous poutine and Poland's potato pierogis.

"The Tater Tester's tasting notes will help us to create the ultimate travel itinerary for spud lovers," the job description added.

But, the potato fan won't just eat the meal, they'll cook it themselves too. Along with the $1,000, they'll also receive a $500 gift card to spend on groceries to source all the ingredients.

The team explained: "As our personal Tater Tester, you will then tell us what you liked or disliked about each recipe—from the kitchen prep and cooking time to the ingredients used."

In order to apply you must be over 18, and based in the US. The deadline for applications is February 28, with the taste tester selected by March 28. They'll then create one dish a week, for 20 weeks.

To be considered, you'll need to tell the team what your favorite potato dish is. To apply, click here.

Despite the humble potato being so versatile, it wasn't among Americans favorite vegetables in 2020.

Figures from Statista revealed onions were the most popular vegetable, with 21.03 pounds per capita consumed, followed by tomato, with 19.32 pounds. In third place was leaf, or romaine, lettuce, then head lettuce, and making up the top five was bell pepper.

Statista noted: "The overwhelming majority of the vegetables produced in the United States originate from California. In 2018, California produced some 453.7 million hundredweight of fresh and processing marketing vegetables.

"For perspective, the first and second runner-ups in terms of vegetable production that year were Washington and Arizona, which produced 40.2 and 34 million hundredweight of vegetables, respectively."

File photo of potatoes.
File photo of potatoes. One carb-lover will now get paid $1,000 to eat potato recipes. Dcwcreations/Getty Images