You Can Now Get Paid $17k to Grow and Keep the Iconic Mullet Hairstyle

Even if you were born in the 21st century, you will be well aware of the iconic mullet hairdo.

It was all the rage in the 1980s, and became synonymous with the phrase "business in the front, party in the back."

While the style may have fallen out of favor, if you'd ever debated growing one yourself now's your chance, as a website will pay you $12,000 to rock the look.

Rooftop Squad is looking for its own "mullet master," who will be paid $1k a month, for a year, while they grow out their luscious locks. The team explained they're keen to find out if "mullet discrimination" is still a thing.

The job ad read: "There seems to be 'mullet discrimination' around the globe as the hairstyle can often have negative connotations around it, with people often assuming mulleted people to be lazy, uneducated or a joke.

"In fact, Iran banned the mullet in 2010 and venues in Australia have been accused of 'mullet discrimination'.

"With the rise in people growing mullets over these past two years, we here at want to discover what it's like to have one, what it takes to maintain the iconic look and what kind of reactions you get from rocking the sometimes-controversial hairstyle."

Over the course of 12 months the "mullet master" will report back on their experience sporting the eye-catching look, along with any instances of "mullet discrimination."

If you thought you could quickly chop your hair into a style, Rooftop Squad confirmed the applicant will need to shave their head, and grow it out from scratch.

Once it's a suitable length, Rooftop Squad will arrange for a trip to the barbers with a "specialist hairdresser" to craft the all-important mullet.

During the course of the year the mulleteer will need to provide bi-weekly growth check-ins, along with photos, to be posted on the website. And they'll need to pen a monthly blog with "engaging content" discussing all things mullet.

The site explained: "Blogs must detail the experience of growing and then having a mullet, sharing with readers how to maintain it and grooming recommendations, and most importantly, how people react to the hairstyle and whether they have encountered any 'mullet discrimination' of any form."

Along with the yearly stipend of $12,000, the site confirmed they'll pay out an extra $5,000 on top of that as a bonus if the person keeps their style.

Danavir Sarria, of Rooftop Squad, said: "The last few years haven't brought the best things our way, however the return of the mullet might be an exception.

"Whether you were alive in the '80s or not, we've all heard and seen the classic mullet, and whether you like them or not, none of us can disagree that they are a show-stopping look.

"With the rise in people testing out mullets in 2022, we here at want to discover what it's like to have a mullet, what it takes to maintain the iconic look and what kind of reactions you get from rocking the sometimes-controversial hairstyle.

'We hope that by hiring someone to document their journey we can help educate other mullet owners on how best to maintain and master their hairstyle, as well as encourage even more people to hop on the hottest hair trend of the year."

You need to be over 18 to apply, and fluent in English, with the deadline on April 15. To apply, click here.

 Aaron Style at Mulletfest 2020, Australia.
Participant Aaron Styles poses for a photograph during Mulletfest 2020 at the Chelmsford Hotel on February 29, 2020 in Kurri Kurri, Australia. You can now get paid $17,000 to grow and keep a mullet. Sam Mooy/Getty Images