Hairdresser Transforms Woman's Matted Hair Which Hasn't Been Brushed in 3 Years

A hairdresser has revealed it took three days to detangle a massive hairball, after a woman didn't brush her hair for three years.

Hadassa, who runs Love 518 salon in Miami, Florida, shared a clip to her TikTok page on Tuesday revealing the condition of the hair.

After being neglected for so long it had become "severely" matted, but Hadassa worked patiently for hours each day to restore the woman's locks.

In the clip, Hadassa stressed: "You never know what someone is going through. Be kind. Always."

Before adding: "This lady endured a lot of pain and trauma. She's a true survivor. It's not just about detangling, it's also about healing."

While keeping her client's anonymity through a mask, Hadassa shows off her hair, which has a giant hairball at the back, while the hair at the top of her head looks fairly tangle-free.

Hadassa begins with a "hair detox," before getting stuck in with a rat-tail comb, using the thin end to try and separate individual strands. In a separate clip she revealed she uses this tool as in most cases, no combs can go through the hair.

As Hadassa got to work on day one, she painstakingly tried to separate out as much as she could. It worked well, as the next day the client was back in the chair, this time with pigtails coming from the mass where Hadassa appears to have sectioned off hair she's managed to free.

On the third day she continues to attack the hairball with her rat-tail comb, as she films freed strands which look as if they've been crimped, with the on-screen caption explaining: "Different texture due to it being matted."

She says in the background: "Look at the texture of it, it's a whole other texture." As she nears the end, the hairball is "holding on by a thread," as the captions added: "A big hairball of matted hair."

Finally Hadssa says "ready?" to the client, as she snips the last remaining strands holding it together, declaring: "Finally, we are free."

Hadassa revealed the client named the clumps Tod and Tom, as she says: "She asked if I'm taking Tod home with me.

"Tod is going in the garbage. Him and his cousin gotta go. Him and his family gotta go. Look at this, this is all the hair I know your neck feels better."

Holding up a nearly full plastic bag to the camera, she says: "Look at this hair that was trapped in there, plus Tod, she said, referring back to the hairball. Goodbye, we're letting Tod go. This is heavy. We are free. Do you feel different now?

The client says: "I feel like my old self."

Hadassa continues; "Look at all this hair, and there's still some stuck in the bag. This is a lot of hair to be carrying for three years."

Now the hairball was gone, Hadassa filmed the woman's uneven tresses, explaining: "The last stylist cut chunks of her hair off in different locations. Her hair will need time to get a little fuller."

She cuts and styles it, seeing the woman walk out with glossy, healthy-looking hair just past her shoulders, which Hadassa curled.

The TikTok clip has been watched more than 4 million times, and can be seen here. It was simply captioned: "Three years of matted hair. Three challenging days to #detangle."

Thousands commented on the clip, praising Hadassa for her patience and care for her clients, with Dirtysanch3zz saying: "That's amazing. I had matted hair for about two years due to extreme depression. I just know she feels like a new woman."

"The love that you put into this person's hair will not be forgotten," Miss_Laura_B wrote.

Lyd raved: "I love the positive environment you created for her! Celebrating and cheering her on."

Casey.Williford added: "When she said she finally feels like her old self I lost it. Thank you so much for the love and care you showed her."

Detangling is among the services Hadassa offers, and starts at just $100. She describes herself as the "kind of hairstylist that will pray you & sage away the negativity."

Various clips on her YouTube and TikTok account share other hair-mares, with tresses not brushed for a month, a year, and even six years.

Newsweek reached out to Hadassa for comment.

File photo of woman with messy hair.
File photo of woman with messy hair. A hairdresser has revealed it took her three days to untangle hair which hadn't been brushed in three years. Antonio_Sanchez/Getty Images