Arizona Woman Dries Her Hair in Seconds Outside but People Aren't Convinced

A woman demonstrated just how hot it is in Arizona after drying her wet hair in seconds just by stepping outside—but her clip is proving controversial

The resident, who calls herself Lineahhh online, shared a video to TikTok showing herself walking outside her front door with damp hair.

Her clip, uploaded on Friday, was simply captioned "Arizona in the summer," as she chatted to the camera. She asked: "Do you want to see one of the benefits of living in Arizona in the summer?"

She bends letting her hair fall down in front of her face, before almost instantaneously flipping her head back—revealing bone dry hair.

"It's a dry heat," she said, showing off her tresses which look as if they've been dried with a hairdryer. The clip amassed more than 4 million views, as people debated whether it was simply clever editing.

PixieMom6 wrote: "I figured it out. You can tell it's edited by looking to the windows in the corner of the house. When the head goes down you can see two windows."

"If this isn't real, I'm impressed. If this is real I'm impressed. I'm impressed," commented Ayrton.

Anabel Pereyra asked: "Wait... was that in real time?"

And Shayla Trujillo commented: "It was a transition, but it takes about five minutes for your hair to dry in Arizona summer. No cap."

After numerous people questioned the authenticity of the video, and while it hasn't been independently verified, Lineahhh shared another clip where she took things up a notch.

"You don't believe me, okay. We'll do it again, ready," she says, as this time she brings a bucket of water outside, tipping it over her head getting it soaking wet.

Again puts her head forward, swings her hair through the air for a few seconds, before standing up straight again and flicking her hair back. Once again it appears immediately dry, as she added: "Perks of living in the desert. Bone dry."

This clip also divided opinion after racking up more than 6 million views, as followers demanded even more proof it wasn't due to exceptional editing skills.

Dan said: "I keep watching and watching and I can't figure out the transition."

And taking it one step further, Tpepp70 wrote; "I saved the video I could go through it frame by frame and there isn't a visible cut. Very well done."

But Ednel Dove-Edwin reckoned: "Your top dried way too quickly. Just say it's for fun."

JiJiGirl declared: "Only way I'll believe this is live."

Although Niktheking thought: "Does she know we can see the cut?"

The state is experiencing abnormally high temperatures as a heat wave gripped the region a few weeks ago, seeing the mercury hit 115 F in Phoenix on June 15.

The entire southwest region has experienced scorching weather in recent weeks, with record-breaking temperatures seen in Wyoming, Utah, Arizona and Southern California, according to NBC News.

They said: "The National Weather Service in Flagstaff noted it was likely that nearly every square inch of Arizona set a record high Wednesday [June 16]."

Newsweek reached out to Lineahhh for comment.

File photo of woman flicking her hair.
File photo of a woman flicking her hair. An Arizona woman has shared clips of her hair drying outside in seconds, but it's proving controversial. PabloBenitezLope/Getty Images