'Nasty': Passenger's 'Disgusting' Behavior During Flight Sparks Fury Online

Is there any body part more divisive than the foot? Some people hate feet and some people love them (as in, really love them), but according to almost 45,000 Redditors, some feet are just plain annoying.

Posting to the subreddit r/MildlyInfuriating on Tuesday 19 April, user u/_scenario_7 shared a snap of a stranger's bare foot poking out from under their chair (which can be viewed here).

Captioned "This d***** on my flight...," the post has received 44,500 upvotes and over 5,500 comments from users disturbed by the errant toes of the passenger sitting behind.

Brilliant-Average654 said: "I would stomp on that thing so fast."

Passenger's Disgusting In-Flight Behavior Shocks Internet
Businessman with hands on hand screaming on flight. Redditors were shocked at the passenger's rude behavior. g-stockstudio/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Bikerbackpack commented: "Ahhhh I hate other peoples feet and i can't imagine!"

Some Redditors suggested underhand tactics to encourage the passenger to move their foot.

Yourafyouruse suggested an in-flight pedicure: "Paint the nails."

Bones_Malone420 agreed, commenting: "I was gonna say clip them cos they look nasty."

Fishgrapplersc proposed a different strategy: "Reach down and tickle it."

Others weren't so polite, with SPLICER55 advising the user to "Fake sneeze and drop some water."

Colton-Landsington's idea may be classed as sexual harassment: "If you're feeling particularly brave, bend down and caress it.

"Then when they freak out, turn around and give them the creepiest smile possible."

Yungdab420's proposition wasn't much better: "Take your shoes and socks off and lock toes with them. It's the only way."

According to the Federal Aviation Association, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge in nightmare plane passengers, with 108 air-rage incidents in 2020. Although this is a drop from 148 incidents in 2019, there were far fewer flights in 2020, meaning air-rage occurrences actually rose overall.

Between April 2021 and April 2022, there have 1,150 reports of unruly passengers with 744 incidents related to face mask mandates, which airline staff struggled to enforce. Between January and February 2022, 500 incidents were reported across U.S. airlines, with some even referred to the FBI.

Comparatively speaking, a foot in your personal space isn't the worst thing (although why they couldn't wear shoes is unknown). In fact, some users felt sympathy for the long-legged fellow, and explained how painful it can be for tall people on flights without adequate leg room.

Peanut_peanutbutter said: "Imagine how long his legs must be to have his feet stick out from under your seat. I mean, f***** up with the bare feet but as a tall guy, I empathize with the stretch thing."

The-axis agreed, commenting: "Like, as disgusting as this is, I also feel for the giant mother f*****'s knees.

"Being tall on a planes sucks, this Goliath has got to be fucking miserable."

Newsweek has contacted u/_scenario_7 for comment.