People 'Confront Partners' As 'Never Forget You' TikTok Trend Shares Vacation Flings

A brand new TikTok trend has popped up seeing people share vacation romances, causing some to jokingly confront their partners.

The challenge has swept the social media site, and usually involves uploading throwback videos of a vacation, festival or even school years.

It's set to the Noisettes song "Never Forget You," and usually ends with the person holding up a baby or child as they mouth along with lyrics, sharing their permanent souvenir from a supposed fling.

Since gaining popularity people have created spoof confrontations, as men and women stitched the videos, saying the person is their spouse or partner.

Some have filmed themselves claiming their relationship has broken down after spotting their other half in a video, while others clearly joined in the joke and had their supposed former lover walk in the background of the shot.

The most viral clips have been watched millions of times, as multiple people duetted on the original videos.

In one, shared by Milli Debrito earlier this month, she uploaded a snap of a man on a boat, saying: "To the guy Luke I met in Greece 2019, thanks for the gift. I made it into something for you. Here is your daughter."

It was watched 11 million times, before being stitched by women claiming to be his girlfriend, prompting Milli to upload numerous other videos.

"How do I tell my boyfriend of five years who I live with that I just saw him on this sound in Magaluf," TikTok user mayajuanainnit joked.

Milli responded, saying: "So a lot of people are making me feel really bad about this post because Luke's girlfriend found out about this. I'm Luke's wife."

Milli shared follow-up clips of the alleged drama for her fans, captioning them: "When you find out your baby daddy has a girlfriend," and "me transferring all of the money out of mine and my cheating husband's joint bank account into my personal account."

Earlier today she finally shared a clip supposedly putting the rumors to rest, saying: "My husband didn't really cheat on me."

Although some people believed the claims, with Carling Elizabeth writing: "You jumped on this trend, went viral, and then found out your husband has a girlfriend? Holy smoke."

While Ruki Mahomed added: "Um that's strange, how could you be Luke's wife when I'm Luke's wife?"

The elaborate prank also had fans gripped in another saga, after a woman shared a clip saying: "To the guy I met fishing in upstate New York, you have a daughter."

It was dueted with Ciera, posting under imperfectlyciera, and Aliciamay316, with the latter saying: "Hey I know that guy. Can't wait till he gets home from work."

While the former wrote: "He's my husband. These are our boys. How old is your daughter?"


help me get this on his fyp...

♬ Never Forget You - Noisettes

And Kat Cortese also duetted the videos, alongside a "photo" of their wedding, saying: "I am his long distance gf. I had no idea he was married. We have a daughter together."

The whole drama was also a prank, but people became gripped with Rosie R writing: "TikTok is better than cable."

And Crys added: "I'm so invested in this messy TikTok drama."

Also jumping on the trend bandwagon, mom Jamie Jones shared her own clip, saying: "To the random army guy I met in Germany. You have an eight-month-old son."

While Cecily Collier filmed a little boy, as she captioned a video: "To the boy Dan I met at Boundary Festival in 2019, I will never forget you."

"To the guy I met in Nicaragua on Vacation. I think this is yours?" Kayla Acevedo shared, along with a newborn baby.

And seemingly another victim of the trend, "Don't ask me how I'm doing, I've just saw my boyfriend in this trend."

Commenting on the entire bonkers trend, Gerhard John Stout joked "welcome to the Jerry Springer show."

While The Big Gru thought: "Imagine finding out you had a son this way."

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A photo illustration of the TikTok app on a laptop, 2019. Chesnot/Getty Images

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