Singleton's Dating Horror As Man's Text Filled With 'Bouquet of Red Flags'

A woman has shared the "bouquet of red flags" she received from a man who asked her out on a date—and people are saying she dodged a bullet.

The unnamed woman was chatting to a man on Facebook after bumping into him while out and about, who then suggested meeting up for a drink.

But she wasn't prepared for his response after she recommended a different venue, with her friend sharing the eye-opening exchange on Twitter.

Elisa Xu uploaded a screenshot of the conversation, saying: "This guy asked my very eligible friend out after they'd just met. He didn't like that she proposed a different café option so now he's dateless and material for my Twitter feed."

After floating the idea of another café, the unnamed man responds: "The kind of girl I'm looking for would say 'yes, great, see you there' to my offer, she would then show up on time, we would have a drink there, then if the vibe was good walked to my place, hooked up and potentially have something good together on the regular basis.

"Any other response to me shows either low interest / respect or a tendency to be masculine, bossy, potential for future power struggles etc. I like my girls to be feminine, submissive, cooperating, happy for the opportunities I create."

Naturally, the single woman politely declined the date, and wished him luck in the future.

She joked: "Yep, it's for the best. The kind of guy I'm looking for would say remarkably less sociopathic things. Lol good luck."

Elisa, from New South Wales, Australia, added: "Also... My friend is fricking hilarious and I've re-read her reply multiple times and it cracked me up every time."

The tweet has since gone viral after being uploaded to Facebook and Reddit earlier this week, with user HolUp sharing the exchange, saying: "Here is a bouquet of red flags."

The post has garnered thousands of comments across multiple social media platforms, as NistaX asked: "How do these people exist ????"

While Ryanspeaks140 reckoned: "Crisis averted. She was probably two dates away from rubbing the lotion on her skin."

CtyMse_Run casually asked: "Right—can I agree to the café before we're friends with benefits or whatever these 'opportunities' he's 'creating' 'for her'? So much yikes."

And genova_ali wrote: "Your friend dodged a whole set of bullets here, but I'm staring at the original text and wondering how the hell he thought it was 'ok' to go full Bateman on her."

Angie Marie pointed out: "Thank God for people like this who show their true colors right away instead of down the road after things get complicated. I'd say she dodged a bullet with this one! lol."

While Dani Nadelson simply wrote: "This is why I no longer date. Too many of these creeps out there."

Man with bouquet of red roses
Stock image of a man with a bouquet of red roses. A woman has shared an exchange with a potential date whose messages constituted a "bouquet of red flags." Getty iStock/Staras