People Shocked After Realizing Vans Shoes Always Land the Right Way Up

Everyone knows the experience of kicking your shoes off at the end of a long day, leaving them strewn across the floor.

But it turns out if you own Vans, your house will look marginally tidier as it was revealed they always land sole down.

People are in shock after finding the iconic footwear lands neatly every time you throw them, claiming the shoes are "made of cats."

The bizarre quirk has been circulating on TikTok, as people filmed themselves testing out the theory for themselves—which works every time.

One of the original videos was shared last month by Scot, Lyn Cookie Walton, who said: "When you throw Vans they will always land the right way."

The mom of two chucked three pairs, one adult and two children's sizes, demonstrating her claim in the clip, which has already amassed one million views.

Her clip was later stitched with Hopjuiceipa, who says "what," in a questioning tone adding: "Had to try it... wow."

He throws three pairs of adult Vans one by one, with his tone echoing disbelief as they land sole down every time.

In the end he chucks the six shoes at the same time, which all land perfectly on the floor, as he declares "sweet baby Jesus."

The clip, shared earlier this month, racked up five million views, as people demanded further proof.

In response, Hopjuiceipa tested out the shoe's limitations by throwing them from the top of a flight of stairs, seeing them all land sole down in the video uploaded on Friday.

People have commented in disbelief on the videos, as they immediately tried it out for themselves.

"Not just adults either done my 1 year old's Vans and landed up right," Paul Robinson confirmed.

Testing the theory, Kellsworld commented: "I threw all four pairs and they landed the right way. I was so excited."

DadbodDelights noted: "So skate shoes are made from cats. . . got it."

"Vans are made out of cats," Yazzy declared.

Gareth Grosby joked: "My cat showed me this, she is the one who teaches them at landing school."

Layla quipped: "If cats were a shoe."

Buggati demanded: "Put them upside down."

Serenity asked: "What witchcraft is this?"

Masseuse commented: "That's it I'm buying Vans this weekend."

Abby thought it was "black magic," while Qwergut claimed: "This can't be."

Seemingly explaining the science behind it, Rebecca Ella-Rose wrote: "It's because the soles are heavy."

Newsweek reached out to Hopjuiceipa and Lyn Cookie Walton.

Checkerboard pair of Vans
Image of a classic checkerboard pair of Vans from the shoe's official website. People have just realized the footwear always lands the right way up. Vans