'He Chose His Home': Woman Stunned As Pet Cat Turns up With Puppy in His Mouth

One TikToker saw her family increase by the tune of one dog after their pet cat brought home a tiny puppy.

Cats are well-known for bringing in small creatures, such as mice and squirrels, but AmayaSO was shocked to find her pet dragged in a dog.

The owner admitted she initially thought it was a "rat," owing to the size of the tiny puppy.

She captioned the clip, shared at the end of February, saying: "Our cat just brought this home.

"I literally thought the dog was a huge rat because the cat was carrying it in his mouth."

AmayaSO added a few photos of the adorable tan pup, with the video amassing 2.5 million views. It can be seen here.

Commenting on the viral video, Mary Lopez joked: "The cat said: 'Finders Keepers'."

Katrina M Marshall quipped: "Well would you look at what the cat dragged in."

Frederick Quinlan wrote: "That cat stole someone's entire puppy."

Maggie observed: "Your cat brought himself home a puppy."

Krystal-Bella Shaw thought: "So this is how you get puppies..."

Mama Tali asked: "Did your cat just kidnap someone's puppy?!"

While Alyse added: "I'm going to buy a puppy and tell my partner the cat brought it home. Thanks for the idea."

After the clip blew up, she shared a further two updates filming the cat and his new friend, showing the feline rushing over to pet the pup, who is now called Peco.

"Peco has been given meds for worms for everyone asking. This little guy is doing great. Eating, drinking and playing just fine," AmayaSO wrote.

In response to numerous people questioning where the dog came from, and if the cat accidentally stole someone's pet, AmayaSO assured everyone she tracked down the dog's origins.

The clip revealed the puppy had a new blue collar, as she said: "We went walking around and found out where he came from. Long story short he now belongs to our Family.


Reply to @rosemary1915 Update..... We went walking around and found out where he came from. long story short he now belongs to our Family. my niece named him Peco. He chose his home. or at least our cat BC chose his home for him. 😂😂😂😂😂 #fyp #surprise

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"My niece named him Peco. He chose his home. Or at least our cat BC chose his home for him."

She clarified that in the comments, saying: "He came from my neighbor's house who also happens to be my niece. He belongs to the whole family now. Our cat is such a good boy.

"We have a small farm. I call it the funny farm. We get a lot of strays and usually we end up adopting them. A pig adopted us a few weeks ago."

While a third clip showed the adorable pooch hanging out with some chickens, as AmayaSO revealed he was settling in well.

"Peco enjoying the view. Turns out Peco is a little extra Spicy," she said.

While AmayaSO didn't specify where she was based, in the U.S. dogs are the most popular pet, with 69 million households owning a dog in 2020, according to APPA.

And a Harris Poll revealed 75 percent of boomers and millennials consider their dogs to be their "fur babies," which rose to 80 percent for millennials, in 2020.

Cats were a close second in popularity, with 45.3 million American households having a moggy, APPA figures revealed.

Newsweek reached out to AmayaSO for comment.

File photo of cat and puppy.
File photo of cat and puppy. A woman was stunned when her pet cat cat brought home a tiny dog. Iguasu/Getty Images