Pewdiepie Releases Own Version of YouTube Rewind, Ignores His Latest Controversy

Felix "Pewdiepie" Kjellberg has just released his own version of YouTube Rewind. Released December 6, the platform's 2018 Rewind year-end recap is it's most downvoted video of all time, beating out Justin Bieber's "Baby" with 14 million dislikes. Featuring celebrities like Will Smith, Trevor Noah and John Oliver, YouTube's fan base felt that the video didn't properly reflect what actually happened within the community this year. Pewds thought he could make a better Rewind, one that properly acknowledged all the memes, goofs and moments that made 2018 so memorable.

Created by YouTube meme channels DolanDark, FlyingKitty and Grandayy, the video celebrates the "the actual videos, people, music and moments that defined 2018," according to its description.

There's references to Pewdiepie's own content, like "Meme Review", his diss track on rival channel titled 'Bitch Lasagna" and his rivalry with twitch streamer Alinity . There's also references to Ugandan Knuckles, surgery on a grape, Tide pods, Bowsette and countless others. Clips of content creators like Markiplier, VoiceOverPete, Ninja, MrBeast, Lil Tay and Shane Dawson are linked together, showing off their most memorable moments. YouTube controversy is front and center, like Logan Paul's suicide forest video, FouseyTube's mental breakdown on top of a car, the failure of TanaCon and the loss of celebrities like Stan Lee.

There's also lots of Fortnite .

YouTube Rewind is essentially an advertisement created by the company to show to investors, not a proper reflection of what happened on YouTube that year. It makes sense that the top creator on the platform would create his own version, free from Google's PR limitations.

This has been a busy couple of weeks for Pewdiepie. He managed to piss off a solid portion of the internet by endorsing a YouTube channel full of racist and antisemitic rhetoric, started a fight with the "media" and has somehow managed to gain millions of subscribers while doing so. Fans around the globe have rallied around Pewds as a YouTube icon, showering him with subs in an attempt to keep him as the top channel on the platform. T-Series, a Bollywood studio that posts clips from videos, has nearly dethroned the content creator, which is something his fans don't want to see. Buying billboards, hacking printers and spamming Twitter with "subscribe to Pewdiepie" messages are among the over-the-top things his fans have done to keep him on top. But these controversies and the pandering for subscriptions are nowhere to be seen in his version of Rewind.

Jack Black, who recently started his own Pewdiepie-esque channel called "Jablinski," is going to have a hard time replicating that video.