Piers Morgan Calls Meghan Markle 'Princess Pinocchio' After Ruling on Suicide Remark

Piers Morgan has branded Meghan Markle a "Princess Pinocchio" after it was ruled he did not beach broadcast rules by calling her a liar.

The controversial presenter triggered more than 50,000 complaints to U.K. broadcast regulator Ofcom after saying he did not believe Meghan's account of feeling suicidal.

The Duchess of Sussex told Oprah Winfrey she did not want to be alive anymore while experiencing negative press stories in January 2019.

Within hours, Morgan told viewers of Good Morning Britain: "I wouldn't believe her if she read me a weather report."

Morgan quit under pressure to apologize from broadcast network ITV, who had received a complaint from the Duchess of Sussex.

However, Ofcom today ruled Good Morning Britain did not breach broadcasting standards because he was challenged by other guests and presenters on the show.

Morgan wrote in a column for The Daily Mail online: "I was reliably informed recently that Meghan Markle wrote directly to my ITV boss Dame Carolyn McCall the night before I was forced out, demanding my head on a plate.

"Apparently, she stressed that she was writing to Dame Carolyn personally because they were both women and mothers—a nauseating playing of the gender and maternity card if ever there was one.

"What has the world come to when a whiny fork-tongued actress can dictate who presents a morning television news programme?

"So yes, I'm obviously delighted that Ofcom has supported my right to disbelieve the Sussexes' lurid claims against the Royal Family, many of which have failed to stand up to even a scintilla of basic scrutiny of the kind that a woefully enabling Oprah should have conducted.

"This is a resounding victory for free speech and a resounding defeat for Princess Pinocchios."

Meghan and Harry Interviewed by Oprah
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for their CBS prime time special which was broadcast on March 7, 2021. Piers Morgan said he did not believe Meghan's account of feeling suicidal. Joe Pugliese/Harpo Productions

Ofcom's investigation ruled that Morgan's comments were offensive but that he had the right to freedom of expression.

The ruling, published today, states: "The restriction of such views would, in our view, be an unwarranted and chilling restriction on freedom of expression both of the broadcaster and the audience."

It added: "This programme focused on the interview between Oprah Winfrey and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

"It contained statements about suicide and mental health which had the potential to be harmful and highly offensive.

"However, our Decision is that overall the programme contained sufficient challenge to provide adequate protection and context to its viewers."

Morgan wrote in his column: "Chilling... wow. Ironically, I would imagine that word will prompt a very chilly reaction from the self-satisfied Sussexes as they slurp kale smoothies in their California mansion over breakfast this morning.

"Make no mistake, this is a watershed moment in the battle for free speech.

"If Ofcom had found against me, that would have signalled the end of every UK TV journalist's right to express any honestly held opinion on air lest it upset the likes of Meghan Markle."

ITV said in a statement: "We welcome the Ofcom ruling that Good Morning Britain did not breach the broadcast standards relating to harm and offense.

"The ruling sets out clearly that it was the balance and context the program makers provided which was key in mitigating against the potential for harm and offense which could have been caused by Piers Morgan's comments.

"It is because of the program's editorial decisions and the opposing views which were forcefully expressed by other presenters and guests, that the program did not breach Ofcom's rules."

Piers Morgan After Quitting GMB
Piers Morgan seen returning to his West London home after doing the school run on March 11, 2021 in London, England. The day before he quit Good Morning Britain over comments disputing Meghan Markle's account of feeling suicidal. Neil Mockford/GC Images