Adorable Piglet Playing in Kids Tunnel Delights Internet: 'Nyoooom!'

Footage of an adorably tiny piglet running round and round a children's play tunnel at high speed is entertaining animal lovers online.

Watching the clip of the black spotted hog enjoying the kids' play thing may represent one of life's simple pleasures, but pigs are far from simple animals, and in fact are capable of developing cognitive abilities to rival that of a three-year-old human.

A 2009 Cambridge University study actually found pigs to be highly sensitive and aware of their own existence. More significantly still, they are able to develop skills and gain an understanding of their surroundings that can help solve difficult problems.

To prove this, a group of pigs already familiarized with the concept of mirrors were shown a plate of food. In order to access the food, they had to first accept that the food presented to them was merely a reflection created by the mirror.

A piglet running through the grass.
Stock image of a piglet running through the grass. Footage of a young pig doing circuits around a children's play tunnel has delighted the internet. Michael Hausmann/Getty

Then it was a case of memorizing the space around them in order to navigate their way to where the food actually was. Time and again, the pigs were able to complete this task.

If pigs are capable of understanding reflections and comprehending the world around them to the level of a three-year-old, it's perhaps no surprise that a simple children's toy like a tunnel would prove the source of such entertainment.

His efforts can be enjoyed here.

But while most kids would traditionally crawl through such a structure, the pig in the clip shared to Reddit by a farmer posting as Infinity preferred to go full throttle.

The results proved thoroughly entertaining, earning over 21,000 upvotes and a glut of delighted comments.

One user, posting as Saeryf commented: "I felt the need to make 'Nyoooom!' sounds when little piggy ran through the tube, I thought you all should know that."

Rudbek-of-rudbek concurred, writing: "That pig is one of the cutest things" with pekkalacd adding: "So adorable." Brigert18 said: "Piglet's speeding up like a hot wheels car" while Bigt733 quipped: "The limit does not exist."

Soljaboss meanwhile quoted the kids movie classic Babe, commenting: "That'll do, pig."

Others struck a more serious tone. Tsar_David_V warned: "Friendly reminder not to get a pet pig if you're not prepared to care for it once it grows to be bigger than you."

Elsewhere, Varhuna also sarcastically commented: "Ooooh, a being that apparently doesn't deserve basic moral consideration" in reference to the grim fate awaiting most pigs bred for meat.

For the most part, however, it was wholesome fun with another memorable wisecrack coming from Gravity_Perception, who wrote: "Every time piglet enters the wormhole a different piglet runs out from the multiverse. It's a new experience every time."

Newsweek has contacted Infinity for comment.

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