Pilot Fakes Plane Malfunction to Propose to Girlfriend Mid-flight

A pilot faked a plane malfunction to propose to his girlfriend mid-flight, and cleverly roped her in to the set-up by asking her to initiate the "ring engagement process."

The pair are taking a romantic flight, with the man flying the aircraft solo, when it appears disaster strikes.

The groom-to-be tells his terrified passenger the controls seem to have stopped working, as an ominous beeping fills the cockpit.

The clip, shared to TikTok by user, Elmaestro, captures the moment things appear to head south.

The pilot says: "That's weird hold on. I'm not getting any response out of the controls here. Can you grab the checklist from the side? Sorry babe. Just don't panic, the next one over."

Clearly freaking out, she grabs a binder and begins reading aloud, thinking she's helping avoid an imminent crash.

She says: "Verify flight ring is engaged? Initiate ring engagement process follow steps one to 14. Fuel selector valve, check?"

"We're getting some response," the pilot says, as his girlfriend begins to smell a rat, saying "you're lying."

She reckons it's an elaborate wind-up, but doesn't yet guess the true ulterior motive.

The pilot prompts her to continue reading, as she says "does the passenger..." and it's only then that the penny drops and she declares: "I hate you."

She starts sobbing, as her partner tells her: "Can you please, can you keep reading through the steps hon?"

Through tears she says: "Will the pilot in command love the passenger forever? Check. Will you marry the pilot in command?"

She covers her face with her hands as the pilot pulls out a red ring box and presents it to her.

The newly engaged woman fans her face as tears roll down her cheeks, as she jokes: "You're such an idiot. I love you so much. Don't ever do that to me again!"

Presumably she's referring to the fake mid-flight malfunction, rather than the proposal.

In a follow-up video, it was confirmed she said yes, as she leans into her new husband-to-be, saying: "Can I have a kiss?"

Thousands of people have praised the unique, albeit scary, proposal, although some joked she was a captive audience.

TikToker Itchban said: "Genius. She literally can't say no or else he can nose dive lol."

Taylor Coacci wrote: "Her: Rejects him. Him: Ejects her."

Schmuelle joked: "He had a single parachute ready."

Can we get 400? Pointed out: "Imagine she said no and they sat in silence until they landed."

Olivia Shelby gushed: "Why am I crying."

And Adam Boro thought: "This is so beautiful"

While Cooking with Ayeh commented: "Wow what a proposal!!"

Image of a couple flying a plane
Stock image of a couple flying a plane. A pilot faked a malfunction to propose to his girlfriend mid-flight. GeorgeRudy/Getty iStock