Rachel Powell, 'Pink Hat Lady' at Capitol Riot, Has Home Raided by FBI

FBI agents have been seen at the home of a Pennsylvania woman who admitted to being part of the Capitol attack on January 6.

Investigators conducted a search at the Mercer County home of Rachel Powell, the 40-year-old suspect also known as "bullhorn lady" and "pink hat lady," on Thursday.

The house at Sandy Lake was vacant at the time of the search, reported KDKA.

"We are conducting court authorized law enforcement activity at that location. We are seeking the whereabouts of Rachel Powell," the FBI said.

The FBI had previously not formally named Powell as a suspect in the Washington D.C. riot but pictures of her have been shared by the agency as part of ongoing pleas to the public to help identify those responsible.

FBI raids Mercer County home of woman suspected in Capitol assault. "We are conducting court authorized law enforcement activity at that location. We are seeking the whereabouts of Rachel Powell." @KDKA pic.twitter.com/jBreTvlAse

— Andy Sheehan (@AndySheehankdka) February 4, 2021

Powell was also the subject of a lengthy profile in The New Yorker in which she acknowledged her role on January 6 riot, but stopped short of admitting offenses she is accused of, such as smashing in a window.

"I was not part of a plot—organized, whatever," Powell said while speaking from an undisclosed location. "I have no military background... I'm a mom with eight kids. That's it. I work. And I garden. And raise chickens. And sell cheese at a farmers' market."

When she was shown video and images of her apparent conduct at the riot, which included appearing to use a bull horn to instruct the mob where to go, she said: "Listen, if somebody doesn't help and direct people, then do more people die?

"That's all I'm going to say about that. I can't say anymore. I need to talk to an attorney."

Her mother, Deborah Lemons, said she has had a strained relationship with her daughter for a number of years. Lemons condemned the violence seen on January 6 to The New Yorker.

"The whole family is, in a way, just devastated," she said. "It's a thing you never expect, that your child is going to be on some F.B.I. 'Wanted' poster."

Powell said her only regrets are the possible repercussions for her eight children due to her role in the attack. When asked by The New Yorker if she would have acted differently given the chance, Powell replied: "I try not to think about that. There are some things that are just worth blocking out."

Local residents have also expressed their shock at the alleged conduct of Powell during the attack which left five people, including a police officer, dead.

"It's crazy. We're Republican but we'd never do something like that. Biden's the president right now. Live with it. Get over it," Teresa Chisholm, of Sandy Lake, told KDKA.

The FBI have been contacted for the latest in the investigation into Powell.

Rachel Powell
The FBI posted pictures of Capitol riot suspect Rachel Powell while seeking the public’s help in identifying her. FBI