'Pokémon Go' Data Mine Reveals Unova Stone, Competitive Rank System and More

A new data mine of the latest Pokémon Go update revealed a ton of upcoming features and prepares the mobile game for the Unova region.

Trusted Pokémon Go data miner Charles recently discovered a new evolution item, a rework to existing features and much more. With the Ultra Bonus three-week celebration ready to introduce Gen 5 to the game, such a major update isn't uncommon.

There's quite a bit to go through, so here's everything found in the latest Pokémon Go data mine.

pokemon go unova stone data mine update
A new 'Pokemon Go' data mine reveals a new evolutionary stone. Pokemon Company/NewsGeek


The biggest discovery is the presence of a new evolutionary item called the Unova Stone. While its function in-game wasn't found, we can assume that it's used to evolve certain Pokémon from the Unova region, similar to the Sinnoh Stones with Sinnoh region Pokémon.

0.153.0 :
new evolution item "Unova Stone" pic.twitter.com/MBh4d6H37Y

— Chrales (@Chrales) August 22, 2019

In the Unova region there are Pokémon that evolve from the Sun Stone, which is already in the game, and trade evolutions that will likely evolve from candy. We also have Pokémon that evolve from the elemental stones (Thunder, Fire, Water, Leaf). These items aren't in the game, but Pokémon that evolve using these generally require candy instead. It's possible that Pokémon that need the elemental stone might also need these Unova Stones.

Here are the Pokémon that have special evolutions in the Unova region:

  • Pansage (Leaf Stone)
  • Panpour (Water Stone)
  • Pansear (Fire Stone)
  • Lampent (Dusk Stone)
  • Minccino (Shiny Stone)

Sinnoh Stones are easily obtainable through trainer battles, and Unova Stones may be acquired the same way.

The third week of the Ultra Bonus event will introduce the Patrat, Lillipup and Klink lines. All of which do not require a special evolution so it may be some time before we learn more about this new item.


Niantic and The Pokémon Company are grooming Pokémon Go to become a competitive eSport.

The first indication of this was the Pokémon Go Invitational that occurred during the 2019 World Championships. The PVP aspects of Pokémon Go are barebones compared to the VGC or TCG, but the discovery of a competitive ranking system indicates that Niantic is looking to iterate on that aspect further.

2 other items : ROUTE MAKER & VS Seeker Upgrade
full gen5 pokedex added
pinsir shadow added
buddy system rework (feeding, emotions, encounters)
competitive ranking system
route creation system

— Chrales (@Chrales) August 22, 2019


Charles found more data on the Route Maker and VS Seeker upgrades. Again, it's not known what these do and the Route Maker was found in the code before, so it may be pushed out sooner rather than later.

VS Seeker could be a way to find players to battle in the overworld

The entire Unova region Pokedex was added to the game's code, giving Niantic an easy way to push certain Pokémon out for special events and updates.

Shadow Pinsir was found in the code and will likely be the next one to be released and catchable through Team Go Rocket battles.

The buddy system is apparently getting a rework too, where a feeding mechanic will be added.

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