'Pokémon Go' Halloween 2019 Research Tasks: Spiritomb Special Research and Every Reward

A part of this year's Pokémon Go Halloween event are new research tasks for trainers to complete. This year's festivities also give trainers another shot at finding and catching Spiritomb, one of the more rare Pokémon from Gen 4.

Trainers will want to visit their closest PokeStops to stock up on some of these Halloween-themed research tasks as they can grant encounters with some newer Ghost-type Pokémon including the debuting Yamask.

Here's a rundown of all the new research tasks found in Pokémon Go during this year's Halloween event including the special research to catch Spiritomb.

pokemon go spiritomb halloween 2019
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This year, there are six new research tasks for Pokémon Go trainers to find and complete.

With these events many of the research tasks give trainers a chance at encountering a Pokémon. These Pokémon that are found in these tasks have a higher chance at having better stats.

In the case of the 2019 Halloween event, trainers will be able to encounter some rare Dark and Ghost-type Pokémon. Some highlights include encounters with Golett and Yamask.

Here's the rundown of research tasks found during this year's Halloween event:

  • Catch 5 Gastly or Shuppet: Sneasel encounter
  • Evolve 3 Drifloon or Stunky: Rare Candy (x1)
  • Make 3 Excellent throws in a row: Golett encounter
  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket Grunt: Yamask encounter
  • Take 5 Snapshots of Ghost-type 1080 experience points: Sableye encounter
  • Catch 10 Ghost-type Pokémon: Stardust (x1000)


Last Halloween, Pokémon Go trainers were able to complete special research to catch a Spiritomb and they have another chance this year.

This year's special research is titled, "A Spooky Message 2019" has three steps with nine tasks to complete in total.

Here's the "A Spooky Message 2019" tasks to encounter Spiritomb:

Task 1

  • Catch 10-Ghost-type Pokémon: Litwick encounter
  • Make 8 Great Throws: 1080 experience points
  • Use 108 Berries to help catch Pokémon: Sableye encounter

Completion reward: Poke Ball (x10), Stardust (x1080), Silver Pinap Berry (x8)

Task 2

  • Catch 10 Dark-type Pokémon: Yamask encounter
  • Spin 8 PokéStops you haven't visited before: 1080 experience points
  • Catch 108 Pokémon: Spiritomb encounter

Completion reward: Poke Ball (x10), Stardust (x1080), Golden Razz Berry (x8)


  • Claim reward: 1080 experience points
  • Claim reward: 1080 experience points
  • Claim reward: 1080 experience points

Completion reward: Spiritomb Candy (x18), Stardust (x1080)

Have you had success completing these tasks? Which Ghost-type Pokémon is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.