'Pokémon Go' Research Tasks: Shiny Electrike and Flower Crown Eevee Highlight Latest Update

With the start of September, the Research Tasks in Pokémon Go have updated with brand new missions for trainers to complete and new Pokémon to catch.

The highlights of the updated Research Tasks include the return of Pattern #3 Spinda as well as a brand new Shiny Pokémon that is added to Pokémon Go, the Electrike line. Both Shiny Electrike and its evolution, Manectric can now be caught in its Shiny forms. To commemorate this debut, Electrike is now available as an encounter reward for completing the "Battle Another Trainer" task.

Also, the Research Breakthrough will now include Eevee with the Flower Crown. This special Eevee can also be caught in its Shiny form. Even when this Eevee is evolved, it will keep the Flower Crown.

Here's all the new Research Tasks for Pokémon Go starting September 1.

pokemon go trainer battles


  • Battle in a Gym - Mankey (Shiny chance), Makuhita (Shiny chance)
  • Battle in a Gym Five Times - Machop (Shiny chance)
  • Win a Gym Battle - Bulbasaur (Shiny chance), Charmander (Shiny chance), Squirtle (Shiny chance)
  • Use a Supereffective Charged Attack in Seven Gym Battles - Electabuzz
  • Win Three Gym Battles - Jynx
  • Win a Level Three or Higher Raid - Kabuto (Shiny chance), Omanyte (Shiny chance)
  • Battle in a Raid - Spoink (Shiny chance)
  • Win Five Raids - Aerodactyl (Shiny chance)
  • Battle Another Trainer - Electrike (Shiny chance)
  • Battle a Team Leader Two Times - Natu (Shiny chance)
  • Transfer Three Pokémon - Sableye (Shiny chance)
  • Trade a Pokémon - Bronzor (Shiny chance)
  • Earn Three Candies Walking with your Buddy Pokémon - Ponyta (Shiny chance)
  • Take Five Snapshots of Eevee - Gulpin
  • Send 10 Gifts to Friends - Sneasel (Shiny chance)
  • Catch 10 Pokémon - Magikarp (Shiny chance)
  • Catch Five Pokémon with Weather Boost - Poliwag (Shiny chance), Vulpix
  • Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon - Dratini (Shiny chance)
  • Use Five Berries to Catch Pokémon - Snorunt (Shiny chance)
  • Catch Three Different Species of Psychic-type Pokémon - Drowzee (Shiny chance)
  • Catch Five Fairy-type Pokémon - Maril
  • Catch Three Fire, Water or Electric-type Pokémon - Doduo
  • Use Five Razz Berries to Help Catch Pokémon - Swinub (Shiny chance)
  • Catch 15 Pokémon - Sandshrew (Shiny chance)
  • Catch Five Normal-type Pokémon - Zigzagoon (Shiny chance)
  • Catch Three Different Species of Dark-type Pokémon - Poochyena (Shiny chance)
  • Use 10 Nanab Berries to Help Catch Pokémon - Scyther (Shiny chance)
  • Catch Four Grass or Ice-type Pokémon - Seel (Shiny chance)
  • Make Three Great Throws - Gastly (Shiny chance), Buneary (Shiny chance), Anorith (Shiny chance), Lileep (Shiny chance)
  • Make Five Nice Throws - Voltorb
  • Make Three Great Throws in a Row - Onix (Shiny chance)
  • Make Three Excellent Throws in a Row - Larvitar (Shiny chance)
  • Make Five Great Curveball Throws in a Row - Spinda (Shiny chance)
  • Hatch an Egg - Exeggcute, Hoppip
  • Hatch Three Eggs - Magmar
  • Hatch Five Eggs - Chansey
  • Evolve a Pokémon - Eevee (Shiny chance), Cubone (Shiny chance)
  • Power Up a Pokémon Five Times - Bulbasaur (Shiny chance), Charmander (Shiny chance), Squirtle (Shiny chance)

What do you think of the updated Research Tasks in Pokémon Go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.