'Pokémon Go' Teases Team Rocket Return with Series of Corrupted Images

As Pokémon Go players continue to face Giratina and try to catch a Shiny Zangoose and Seviper, a mysterious folder containing corrupted images has begun appearing on the game's social media accounts.

The mysterious folder was discovered Sunday when the official Pokémon Go social accounts reported on Professor Willow's findings. The message read, "Professor Willow has reported that he has uncovered a suspicious folder hidden on his computer. It looks to be corrupted. We'll keep you updated, Trainers. It could be nothing...but you never know."

Monday afternoon, the social accounts updated its followers by posting a series of corrupted images.

pokemon go team rocket corrupt file

As players can see, these images seem to be hiding various figures. There's even a shot of the Team Rocket logo in the background. The social account noted that these files could be leftover from Team Go Rocket's recent takeover.

Team Go Rocket was introduced into the popular mobile game back in July as a new feature. Players can challenge Team Go Rocket grunts in battles by spinning special PokeStops. Defeating these grunts will grant Pokémon Go players a chance to catch Shadow Pokémon. Trainers can even purify these Shadow Pokémon to give them the exclusive move, Return.

When Team Go Rocket was introduced, Shiny Ekans and Koffing, two iconic Pokémon of Team Rocket, were introduced in the mobile game. Niantic and The Pokémon Company even unleashed people dressed as Team Rocket across Manhattan on July 26. Team Go Rocket "took over" various Pokémon Go digital ads across the city.

Many Pokémon Go players are speculating that these corrupted files may mean that Rotom, the unique Electric and Ghost-type Pokémon may finally be introduced in the mobile game.

Rotom was involved in a Pokémon Sword and Shield campaign a few weeks back when a new Pokémon was teased on the official site. However, the image of this new Pokémon was pixelated thanks to a Rotom, who has the ability to possess electronics. This new Pokémon would eventually be revealed as Sirfetch'd the evolve form of Farfetch'd.

There are six Rotom forms in the Pokémon games since its debut in the Diamond and Pearl games. Fans have regular Rotom, and then Rotom can possess various appliances and machines, changing its typing in the process:

  • Rotom Mow - Grass and Electric
  • Rotom Fan - Flying and Electric
  • Rotom Wash - Water and Electric
  • Rotom Fridge - Ice and Electric
  • Rotom Heat - Fire and Electric

It's unclear if the return of Team Go Rocket will bring Rotom to the mobile game, but we'll update as soon as we learn more.

What do you think of the latest tease from Niantic? What would you want to see if Team Go Rocket returns? Let us know in the comments section.