'Pokémon Masters' Gameplay Details and Release Date Window Announced

The latest information on the new Pokémon Masters mobile game was announced in a new livestream from The Pokémon Company.

Creators and producers of Pokémon Masters say that the idea of the game was the create a gameplay experience to not only befriend Pokémon, but befriend trainers. There's an artificial island somewhere in the Pokémon world called Pasio, which is where the mobile game takes place.

On this island, trainers from every region gather to participate in the Pokémon Masters League tournament. To participate, players will need to travel and earn badges to compete in the tournament.

Along the way, you'll meet various trainers. Each trainer has one Pokémon that travels with them, and this duo is called a Sync Pair. Form teams of three and battle your way into the Pokémon Masters League.

pokemon masters sync pairs list
Pokemon Company/DeNA

One feature to be mindful of are the Sync Pair's roles in battle. Some Sync Pair roles are Strike and Support, so keep that in mind when creating your team of three.

To capture the area and new battle mechanic, The Pokémon Company released an animated short featuring some of the franchise's most iconic trainers. You can watch the entire eight-minute stream below.

As for the gameplay itself, not much was shown or revealed but the livestream confirmed that the battles will be in real-time. Trainers will want to move as quickly as possible using the Move Gauge. This gauge is broken up into segments, with various moves using up parts of the meter. This gauge does fill up over time.

There are also Sync Moves that have your trainer and Pokémon unleash massive attacks, similar to a Z-Move.

Another feature of battle are Trainer's Moves, which can provide support like healing and raising stats.

Many of the trainers shown include Gym Leaders, Elite Four Members, Champions, protagonists and even rivals.

Here's a list of Sync Pairs confirmed to be in Pokémon Masters:

  • Red and Charizard
  • Blue and Pidgeot
  • Brock and Onix
  • Misty and Starmie
  • Rosa and Snivy
  • Cynthia and Garchomp
  • Iris and Haxorus
  • Clair and Kingdra
  • Brendan and Treecko
  • Flannery and Torkoal
  • Thornton and Bronzong
  • Korrina and Lucario
  • Acerola and Palossand
  • Barry and Piplup

Pokémon Masters is set to release in Summer 2019.

What do you think of the latest Pokémon mobile game? What team of trainers do you want to create? Let us know in the comments section below.