'Pokémon Sword and Shield' Leaker Revealed Amid Nintendo Lawsuit


The Pokémon Company International released this statement to Newsweek regarding the lawsuit filed in 2019 and the leaker found this week.

"We do not comment on ongoing legal matters, but we can clarify that these incidents are separate."

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Before the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield in November, information was leaked showing new Pokémon, forms and more.

The flood of unofficial information became so pervasive that Nintendo and The Pokémon Company felt it necessary to file a lawsuit against said leakers for "irreparable injury." Tuesday, both companies released a joint statement revealing they identified an outlet that had broken embargo by posting images and information online leading up to the games' release.

FNintendo, a Portuguese gaming site, was the identified outlet, and, as such, Nintendo has decided to sever all ties with it.

It should be noted that the lawsuit was filed against parties who used the strategy guide to release information, and this new development will likely not affect it. We have reached out to The Pokémon Company for clarification on the matter.

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Pokemon Company

Read the full statement from Nintendo and TPC below:

"In early November, Nintendo identified a number of photographs taken from game play that revealed multiple new and unannounced Pokémon from Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. These photographs had been posted online and Nintendo, together with The Pokémon Company, quickly identified the person responsible for these leaks, and took immediate action.

"These Pokémon were leaked by a reviewer for the Portuguese website FNintendo, who had received an early copy of the game for review purposes. Both he and FNintendo failed to handle confidential material, resulting in a clear breach of the confidentiality agreement between Nintendo and the media outlet. As a result, Nintendo will no longer work with FNintendo.

"Nintendo will always protect its intellectual property and brands. Leaks hurt not just Nintendo, but the thousands of employees who work hard to bring games to market, and the millions of fans around the world who look forward to news and surprises.

"To surprise and delight players through new experiences is a shared passion for Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. We will pursue all avenues to preserve surprises for players of future Pokémon titles."

FNintendo posted its own statement on the matter, confirming someone in their employ broke embargo and their employment has been terminated.

"To our readers,

In early November 2019, a series of photographs of a screen displaying images of several Pokémon at the time not yet announced, from the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games, were shared online. We want to take this opportunity to openly admit to our readers that FNintendo was responsible for the online dissemination of some of these photos.

Nintendo offered us a copy of the game for analysis purposes, with clear embargo guidelines, with which we agreed. That copy was sent to one of our collaborators, who improperly shared the photos mentioned. After the investigation, FNintendo ended its relationship with that employee.

Our relationship with Nintendo Portugal goes back 11 years, but our part in this undue sharing is a clear violation of the confidentiality agreement between us and, as a result, a total breach of trust with Nintendo.

We recognize that it is inadmissible to violate the embargo guidelines and that we have not handled the materials for analysis with due care. We fully respect Nintendo's decision to cancel the confidentiality agreement between our companies as a result of this breach of trust and accept that we will no longer receive Nintendo products or be invited to participate in its events."

We want to apologize to Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, as well as our readers, for disappointing them."

Pokémon Sword and Shield is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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