Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Fellow Cop Fending Off Dog Attack—Video

Body camera footage shows a police officer in Tennessee accidentally shooting a deputy who was fending off a dog attack.

Knoxville news station WVLT reported that officers were called to the 8200 block of Brickyard Road in Powell at around 11 p.m. on July 5. The distressing video released by the Knox County Sheriff's Office shows Lydia Driver, a Knox County deputy, getting chased by a dog before being dragged down to the floor, shouting: "it's on me! It's on me! Oh my god."

Her partner, Jordan Hurst, shouts "watch out!" and then shoots at the animal twice. However, Hurst ended up accidentally shooting the deputy's leg in the process. After hearing her yelp, Hurst asks his partner: "Are you ok?"

She responds: "No, you shot me".

Police tape stock
Body camera footage shows a police officer in Tennessee accidentally shooting another cop fending off a dog attack. The above stock photo shows caution tape in front of a police car with its lights on. Getty

"Oh god!" he says, before wrapping a Velcro tourniquet around her leg to stop the bleeding and calling for emergency services.

Driver was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center for emergency surgery, a statement from the sheriff's office said. She was released on July 9, after recovering in the intensive care unit, sheriff Tom Spangler said. Officials said Driver has now begun the rehabilitation process.

The Sheriff's Office told Newsweek on Friday that Driver "is doing well and on way to recovery!"

Hurst has been placed on administrative leave, they added.

Authorities reviewed the body camera footage, interviewed Hurst and reviewed findings from the Major Crimes Unit in an investigation conducted by the Office of Professional Standards. They determined that no general orders were violated during the incident, WVLT reported, citing the investigation documents.

"Law Enforcement is a dangerous profession; it is unpredictable," Spangler said in a statement. "Officers deal with people and situations the average person will never experience in their lifetime. This incident is unfortunate, but we will get through it together. We are blessed to serve a community who loves and appreciates our men and women; for that, I'm grateful."

A Knox County Sheriff's Office spokesperson said Driver had been part of the department since 2015.

The dog who attacked Driver was taken to Young-Williams Animal Center.

A similar event happened in Fresno, California in January after a police officer fatally shot a dog after it bit him while he was taking the animal to be euthanized. Despite the dog having been given sedatives, it attacked an officer and would not release its bite, leading the officer to shoot him instantly.