Police Officer Called To Party for Noise Complaint Stays To Dance and Eat Tacos

Nothing kills a party faster than the cops turning up—those boys in blue can take an event to its knees with just a knock on the door.

However, when a police officer arrived at a party in Chicago recently, far from halting proceedings he actually decided to join in on the revelry.

In a video posted to TikTok by a woman called Monica, known online as @lifeasmonica, a member of the police force can be seen to be getting involved in the fun after being called to the venue.

The footage is captioned: "When you get called for a noise complaint and stay for the party #noisecomplaint #lit #arrestmeplz #illinois #greenscreenvideo."

The clip first shows the officer helping himself to a plate at the buffet, while wearing his uniform. The text explains that he also "stayed for the tacos."

It then cuts to the man pulling shapes on the dancefloor, and dropping it low alongside female party guests. People in the surrounding marquee were filming him dancing.

The footage was uploaded on April 29, and has so far been viewed more than 18.4 million times, and received over 5.1 million likes.

Many took to the comments section to share thoughts on the good-humored video.

TikTok user inyourdreams_19 wrote: "Imagine being the one that complained and looking out the window to see that LMAO."

Another person, Tatiana LeBlanc, added: "You know anytime he hears that address for a call he's going to volunteer to go there first."


When you get called for a noise complaint and stay for the party 😂 #noisecomplaint #lit #arrestmeplz #illinois #greenscreenvideo

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Mimi typed: "Idc what anyone says but this man is a part of the family now."

Whereas Elcuhricc commented: "Yoo he passed the vibe check."

Jannet Regina exclaimed: "He's having the time of his life."

And in other news of police officers doing things that are not exactly within their remit, recently a group of deputies found themselves having to wrestle an alligator.

The reptile was found in a Florida resident's backyard, and put up quite a fight before being "arrested."

Osceola County Sheriff Marco Lopez posted a humorous video to the department's Facebook page May 20, detailing the alligator's removal.

"A complainant called about 'suspicious activity' in her backyard," Lopez said in the video.

"There was noise at the back door, hissing, scratching like if someone was trying to make entry into her house."

Osceola County deputies paid the woman's home a visit, only to find an alligator making itself comfortable on the property.

Lopez said: "Lo and behold, you'll never believe what they caught in progress."

The video cuts to on-scene footage of officers trying to handle the huge alligator. Although Lopez did not specify how large the gator is, it appeared to be at least five foot long.

A police officer smiling
A stock image of a police officer smiling. In the TikTok video an officer was called to a party following a noise complaint, and stayed to enjoy himself. Getty Images