Pornhub Reveals Gen Z, Millennials and Boomers' Search Behavior in 2021 Review

Pornhub's "Year in Review" for 2021 is now live and breaks down the differences between the viewing habits of members of Gen Z, millennials and boomers.

If you are not familiar with this roundup feature, it's comparable to Spotify Wrapped, only instead of cataloguing the most popular music of the past 12 months, it tells you which adult videos have been getting the most hits.

With data presented in the form of top ten lists and charts, it's a very comprehensive and surprisingly analytic overview of Pornhub's user activity. It will tell you things like which fictional characters are being searched for the most, if any particular regions of the U.S. have unusual kinks, and what the core demographics of the website look like.

Speaking of which, the 2021 Year in Review has a whole section dedicated to age. Here, there are some fascinating insights into how the various generations consume porn differently, with Gen Z and boomers apparently having wildly divergent tastes.

Which Age Group Watches the Most Porn?

The 25-34 age bracket accounts for over a quarter of the website's overall traffic. According to the insights page, this means that the average Pornhub visitor is now closer to 37 years old (which is an increase of 1 year over the 2020 estimate).

In fact, there has been a slight decrease in porn consumption among younger people, with visitors aged 18-35 reducing by 3 percentage points, while those aged 35-44 have grown by the same amount.

Read Newsweek's breakdown if you want to know more about how this kind of demographic information is compiled in the first place, and how it affects your internet privacy

Pornhyb Year in Review 2021 Visitor Demographics
Graphic breaks down Pornhub visitors in 2021 by age and country. Pornhub

The Top Relative Porn Categories by Age Group

According to the analytics, Gen Z viewers are most likely to watch Lesbian and Hentai videos, while also being more prone to foot fetishes and cosplay fantasies.

On the other hand, those in Gen Y (more commonly known as millennials) favor Asian porn and videos with tattooed women or muscular men. The only real overlap between the two generations is that the "MILF" category places highly in both of their respective lists.

In the Baby Boomers' data, it seems as though they have comparatively vanilla taste. They don't have any overtly niche categories—like "Cartoon, "Feet" or "Cosplay"—in their lists. Instead, they are more likely to watch videos with the words "Mature" or "Massage" in their titles.

As for Gen-X, members of that age group are more likely to be into "Cartoon," "Interracial" and "Ebony" content.

In general, you emerge with the impression that those in the younger age groups are adventurous with their searches, while the older generations stick to more traditional categories.

Person Using a Laptop
A stock photo of a person using a laptop. Pornhub's "Year in Review" for 2021 is now live and breaks down the differences between the viewing habits of members of Gen Z, millennials and boomers. GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images