Porsche Taycan Owners Getting Free Tech, Efficiency Updates

All electric Porsche Taycan sedan owners will be scheduled for a complementary update from Porsche, upgrading their 2019-2022 models with all the 2023 software updates. Buyers can also add new 22-kW onboard charger while they're waiting for the upload, though availability is still limited. Porsche says the updates will come on a market-specific basis.

The upgrade starts with an increase in powertrain efficiency, though Porsche didn't say if the car would gain any range. It will also improve the Porsche Communications Management touchscreen infotainment system, enhance the over-the-air update capability and offer customers new functions on demand, but those, like Porsche Intelligent Range Manager and InnoDrive, the assisted driving function, will cost extra.

"This campaign will allow our customers to benefit from the continuous further development of the Taycan. We have extensively optimized the model series in almost every respect since 2019," says Kevin Giek, Vice President Model Line Taycan in a press release.

"New functions have been added and others have been revised or tweaked to further enhance the customer experience. Following this update, anyone driving a Taycan from early in the car's production run will be pleasantly surprised by how much has developed on the vehicle side since then."

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The Porsche Taycan is offered in 10 trims between sedan and Cross Turismo wagon options. The base, rear-drive sedan starts at $86,700 while the Taycan Turbo S costs $187,400. The Taycan Cross Turismo comes standard with all-wheel drive and starts at $97,700. It tops out at $190,000. All have ranges between 270 and 280 miles.

Porsche says the duration of the service visit depends on the model year and how much needs to be updated. Owners in the US should be notified of the update in the next few weeks.

Once available, the new onboard charger can be retrofitted at the customers expense, though the company doesn't have a price yet. Porsche says it will charge the battery significantly faster. In Europe and North America, it also unlocks the Plug and Charge feature, which lets owners charge without a credit card or app after they've set up an account.

As for the powertrain, the front electric motor will be de-energized when not needed for more range. The all-wheel drive gauge will now show energy flow. Porsche says it also optimized the Taycan's recuperation strategy. Now the settings will be retained even when the driver changes the drive mode.

2023 Porsche Taycan
The Porsche Taycan update will add better graphics to the infotainment touchscreen. Porsche Cars North America

The upgrade will also improve the thermal management of the system, which will help the Taycan charge faster in cold weather and over wider range of battery charge levels. Porsche says owners of 2020 and 2021 model years should see more range.

The infotainment system gets new functions and a new design. It also optimizes the voice control feature and integrates wireless Android Auto and Spotify. The head-up display also gets improved with a better view of the navigation system.

Finally, the sensors of the ParkAssist feature will work with a greater range, according to Porsche. And the search for parking spaces function is also better, allowing drivers even smaller spaces to pull into.

Buyers of the new 2023 Porsche Taycan will get some extras including a new polished and painted Taycan S Aero wheel, the Variable Light Control system, which is now available on all Taycan models with panoramic glass roof, and Preparation for Porsche Dashcam that adds a wiring harness for both front and rear cameras.