Trump Supporter Who Shot at Portland Protesters With Paintball Gun Sued for $250,000

A woman who was hit in the chest by a paintball during violent clashes in Portland last month has launched a $250,000 lawsuit against the man she accuses of shooting her.

Meg McLain filed the suit in Multnomah County Circuit Court accusing Alan Swinney of intentionally shooting her with a paintball gun during a day of protests between opposing groups including Donald Trump supporters, the far-right Proud Boys, Black Lives Matters supporters and antifa on August 22.

Swinney, a self-described Trump supporter, was photographed by The Oregonian pointing the paintball gun at a crowd of protesters and repeatedly firing.

The incident was also filmed by Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter Sergio Olmos, who posted the clip to Twitter.

Alan swinney shoots paintballs in the crowd. One paint ball hit this reporter, I point to press pass, swinney continues anyway

— Sergio Olmos (@MrOlmos) August 23, 2020

McLain's attorney, Michael Fuller, said his client was not actively involved in the clashes but was there as an "unaffiliated observer." Fuller added that police did not arrest Swinney after firing repeatedly into the crowd.

"It's just one of the many cases where police are seemingly showing favoritism to Trump supporters," Fuller said.

Fuller also posted court documents online in response to a tweet regarding Swinney's actions.

"Our Oregon client just filed a $250,000 lawsuit against Mr. Swinney. Subpoenas to his social media services, ISPs, phone providers, and financial institutions will follow," he tweeted.

"Cryin' won't help you, bankruptcy won't do you no good."

The suit accuses Swinney, said to live in Midland, Texas, of being an "irresponsible gun owner who travels to Oregon to organize substantial and purposeful violent rallies and events."

The suit includes a social media post from Swinney reading: "Haha. One of the terrorists is crying to Portland police about getting hit by a paintball.

"I know the lefties in charge of Portland would love to hymn me up on the assault charges but if they think i'm going to turn myself in to an [angry] mob they are insane."

Fuller also joined in with the chorus of people calling for Mayor Ted Wheeler to stand down over the ongoing protest.

"I do not blame the police. The police are doing what they are ordered to do. I voted for @TedWheeler. I donated to @TedWheeler.

"The buck stops with @TedWheeler, and he continues to prove that he is impotent to control the rank and file," Fuller said. "It's time for new leadership in PDX."

During the August 22 clashes involving hundreds, large numbers of people were seen physically fighting on the streets, with rocks and bottles thrown and mace deployed by those on both sides.

Police Chief Chuck Lovell later defended the lack of action from police, saying officers purposely stood off in an attempt to defuse the situation.

"When you interject yourself as the police into this volatile mix sometimes it has a worse intention or worse outcome than what was happening initially," he said.

Portland Police have been contacted about the investigation into the incident attended by Swinney.

Swinney could not be contacted for comment on the lawsuit.

Tear gas is deployed during clashes between the Alt-Right Proud Boy group and Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland, Oregon on August 22, 2020. Paula Bronstein/Getty

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