Pregnant Woman Learns Husband Was Fired for Sexual Misconduct, Receives Flood of Support

The internet has rallied round a pregnant woman after she discovered her husband was been fired for sexual misconduct, shattering her dreams of a fairy-tale marriage.

The unnamed woman posted her heartbreaking dilemma to Mumsnet under the aptly named username Darkestdays, as she offloaded her pain at learning her partner had been cheating on her.

The mom, who has one son and another on the way, posted a thread in October, which has amassed more than 500 comments, most offering support and advice.

The "heavily pregnant" woman explained: "My husband was fired last month for sexual misconduct and I'm the last one to know, only finding out the extent of it just today. I'm heartbroken.

"He has been in his role for 6 years and within the organisation for a lot longer, it seems like this has been going on a frightening majority of that. He doesn't know that I know but my suspicions got the best of me and I went on his laptop.

"I've seen the emails from HR and his iPhone is linked to his laptop and I read a text exchange between him and a male colleague bragging about how badly they wanted it and that he's a player, not a rapist."

She revealed she became "suspicious" after her attempts to put her husband in touch with a legal professional to try and get his job back were shot down by her spouse, who told her to stop "interfering."

In the comments section, she went into more detail about the text she saw, saying: "I'm in the dark on what he has done about it bar texting his friend that he is no rapist and that they all wanted it. I don't know the ins and outs, even if it was consensual he has still had multiple affairs so it's done really isn't, my life as I knew it is done.

"I don't know exact details, the emails from HR mention sexual misconduct, mentions of abuse of power, I've not seen the word rape but his messages imply that he has definitely had sex with multiple women, be it consensual or not that's a deal breaker, at the very least I want a divorce if it turns out he is a rapist then I don't want him near our kids. He's been such a brilliant dad to our toddler. I feel totally blindsided. Like the man I knew doesn't even exist."

As she continued looking through his laptop, she scrolled back a few years which apparently revealed the extent of her husband's infidelity.

"I've scrolled two years up his conversation with his friend and I just feel sick to my stomach. Bragging about 'hitting it' with 18 year old junior staff, such laddish talk about women at his work being 'thirsty,'" she wrote.

And she did the math, revealing: "God these messages were in the run-up to our first being born, we were blissfully happy during the pregnancy. It's all just been a lie."

To make matters worse, she revealed they bought a house earlier this year, but she wasn't on the mortgage.

In light of the truth, she packed her bags and headed to her mom's while her other half was at a bachelor party, but he soon became suspicious she wasn't answering any calls.

She admitted: "I will have a breakdown if I step back in that house, I just can't do it I'm so heavily pregnant and that was the dream house, for our two kids to grow up in, for us to grow old in, I'm so angry at him.

"Why weren't we enough, if not me the kids, he pushed for a second more than I did, I wanted one but was scared after my previous birth, he reassured me so much I'd be fine because I've got him. But it looks like I never f****** did.

"At least not to myself. I want to scream be sick and cry all at the same time. This stress can't be good for the baby this late. I hate him."

She said eventually her husband "came clean" and claimed it was all "flirty banter." His explanation was "one in particular took a shine to him and thought it was more than flirtation, got jealous he flirted with everyone not just her and made a case against him that he makes her uncomfortable at work with flirting and sexual innuendos and it's spiralled into this."

But the mom-to-be was adamant the marriage was over, particularly after one of the women she said he slept with contacted her on Facebook.

She blocked her soon-ot-be-ex, seeing him resort to sending flowers everyday, as she prepared to fight an "acrimonious" divorce. In the midst of the drama, she gave birth to a healthy boy, as she said her priorities now were her two kids, as she goes for full custody.

There's been an outpouring of support for the mom, with HollowTalk saying: "God, what a pig. Where is he now? Is there someone (family or friends) he could go to stay with?

"I would be taking screenshots of absolutely everything and kicking him out. When do you think he intended to tell you?"

SweeneyToddler wrote: "Oh you poor thing, what an awful shock to get.

"Lawyer up, make copies of everything; financial records/statements/deeds etc, screenshots of his emails and send them to yourself. What's your housing situation?"

Pinkbonbon advised: "Speak to a solicitor for sure, if you've been married a while then you'll likely be entitled to something."

While it's not clear where the pair are based, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed there were 746,971 divorces in 2019 in the U.S., a rate of 2.7 per 1,000.

File photo of a crying woman.
File photo of a crying woman. A pregnant mom has received widespread support after she discovered her husband was fired for sexual misconduct. FroggyFrogg/Getty Images