Prince Andrew Prepares for Epstein Hearing After Targeting Accuser's Reputation

Prince Andrew is awaiting the first hearing in his Jeffrey Epstein-related sexual assault lawsuit since his lawyers accused Virginia Giuffre of being after money.

The Duke of York filed his response to allegations of rape last week, ten years after his friendship with the convicted pedophile first became a scandal in the U.K. press.

Giuffre says she was trafficked to London, New York and the U.S. Virgin Islands for sex with Queen Elizabeth II's son and feared injury or death if she refused.

Andrew's lawyers came out swinging in an 11th-hour filing on Friday shortly before the deadline for their response to the case.

Andrew B. Brettler, his attorney, said in the document, seen by Newsweek: "For over a decade, Giuffre has profited from her allegations against Epstein and others by selling stories and photographs to the press and entering into secret agreements to resolve her claims against her alleged abusers, including Epstein and his ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

"Most people could only dream of obtaining the sums of money that Giuffre has
secured for herself over the years.

"This presents a compelling motive for Giuffre to continue filing frivolous lawsuits against individuals such as Prince Andrew, whose sullied reputation is only the latest collateral damage of the Epstein scandal."

The duke's team included in their filing an old New York Daily News stories describing Giuffre as "a money-hungry sex kitten" suggesting she asked around for girls who were "kind of slutty" to work for Epstein.

Brettler asked for the civil lawsuit to be thrown out on a number of grounds, including by arguing an aspect of New York law was unconstitutional.

Later today, Wednesday, November 3, attorneys for both sides will take part in a pre-trial telephone conference aimed at managing the case.

It is not yet clear whether they will address Andrew's team's strongly worded rebuttal, however, at the last hearing Brettler for the first time voiced his argument that Giuffre's civil case was baseless, owing to a past settlement agreement with Epstein.

The prince's legal team say Giuffre agreed to "release" other individuals included in her allegations against the convicted pedophile when she accepted a payout from him.

Giuffre's lawyer said in a statement released to Newsweek: "Prince Andrew's motion to dismiss filed late today [Friday, October 29] in New York fails to confront the serious allegations in Virginia Giuffre's complaint.

"He relies on a series of disputed alleged 'facts' which will be disproved at trial and which, in any event, are inappropriate at the motion to dismiss stage in this litigation.

"Relating to what will be disproved, Prince Andrew's attempted reliance on an irrelevant 13 year old release, to which he is not a party, and which he did not even know about until recently, is just another in a series of attempts to avoid facing the merits of the serious charges against him.

"The 2009 release on its face makes clear that it applies at most to persons who could have been parties to the Florida action, which excludes Prince Andrew."

The hearing is due to begin at 11 a.m. ET. Andrew denies allegations he raped Giuffre.

Maxwell is awaiting criminal trial on sex trafficking charges, which she denies.

Prince Andrew Sued by Virginia Guiffre
Prince Andrew, seen meeting young female dancers from the English National Ballet at The Orangery, in London, on June 29, 2011, is being sued for Jeffrey Epstein related sexual assault by Virginia Giuffre, pictured at a New York press conference in August 2019. Ian Gavan/Getty Images and AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews