'Proud of You': Internet Backs Worker Who Gave Boss 'Two-Minute Notice'

A worker abruptly put in their notice to quit their job after their boss threatened to write them up when they said they couldn't come in that weekend, garnering a lot of praise online.

The Reddit post recounting events, titled, "Just gave my two-minute notice," has been upvoted over 9,400 times since it was shared on March 23 to the subreddit "Antiwork." The short post, shared by Redditor @LeopoldStotchJr, revealed that their boss tried to make them work on the upcoming Saturday.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employees that are considered exempt can't receive overtime pay. Employees would be considered exempt from overtime pay as salaried individuals if they have a salary above $684 per week, or $35,568 a year, and they are eligible for an overtime exemption. However, laws are in place for nonexempt employees to receive overtime pay.

The original poster (OP) has worked the last two Saturdays in a row despite being scheduled to work a Monday to Friday schedule. The Redditor is a salaried employee, who doesn't get overtime for the extra day of work, receiving "no additional compensation."

"I told them that I already had plans to take my two youngest kids to a sporting event that day and couldn't make it in. He said if I didn't show up then he would write me up for insubordination," the OP revealed.

From there, the Redditor went back to their office and typed up a resignation letter, emailing it to their boss and walking out. "Feeling pretty good right now," the OP admitted before concluding.

Worker hands in resignation
The internet is backing a worker who gave their boss a "two-minute notice." Above, a female worker hands in her resignation to her boss. JIKABOOM/GETTY

Over 300 comments came pouring in over the post, with many people praising the OP for leaving the job after being threatened by their boss. "Awesome!" a Redditor said. "And good on you for putting time with your children first."

One Redditor insisted that one day the OP is "going to be able to tell your kids this story, and they're going to know how loved they are. You should be incredibly proud."

Another viewer congratulated the OP for "doing the right thing" for them, adding, "This happens at my job all the time, and they can't figure out why turnover is so high. No one wants to work anymore? More like no one wants to work unpaid overtime."

Other comments of praise included things like, "Well done, good on you," and "Outstanding."

Another person admitted they are "proud" of the OP. "Bosses think they own you," they added. "Nope, bye!"

Others were hung up on the wording used. "Insubordination is not something that can happen in the civilian world," a Redditor said. "It makes my skin crawl when I hear civilian bosses using it."

An individual was sorry that the situation happened to the OP, but also added, "hell yeah," saying their "previous salaried job was like that. Every time it was said to come in, I just started saying OK and not showing up. You don't get it, I already put my time and work in."

One Redditor thinks the OP gave the proper amount of notice saying it's enough of a notice "for most employers. Two minutes is plenty. And it's reflective of how much they respected you."

Newsweek reached out to @LeopoldStotchJr for comment.