PS5 Restock Update for Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Costco, GameStop and More

There has been a huge uptick in PS5 restocks lately, especially at Walmart.

While the situation appears to have calmed down, that doesn't necessarily mean that you should take your eye off the prize, as things are a little unpredictable at the moment.

For the latest PS5 restock information, covering all major U.S. outlets, take a look at our comprehensive update below.

Walmart PS5 Restock

Over the past fortnight, Walmart has coordinated five PlayStation and Xbox restock events, some of which have fallen less than 24 hours apart from each other.

The frequency of these drops isn't connected with any sharp increase in the availability of units, but rather down to frustrating technical bugs. All of the recent Walmart drops have been hampered by glitches and server problems that have prevented users from adding desired items to their baskets.

The merchant keeps trying to make up for these disappointments with subsequent restocks, but they all end up going the exact same way.

Hopefully these kinks will be ironed out before Walmart releases its next batch of units and, more importantly, before its Black Friday sale launches.

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PS Direct PS5 Restock

Sony's official storefront is going to be releasing new PS5 units later today (November 11) at 2 p.m. ET. However, this event is reserved exclusively for those who have already been sent email invitations ahead of time.

It might still be worth monitoring the PS Direct website anyway, just in case there are units leftover once the sale has concluded. This isn't guaranteed to happen but, if it does, then the retailer will open its virtual queue to everybody.

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Best Buy PS5 Restock

Best Buy was last selling the PS5 on November 8, but the units from this particular restock were only available to the merchant's TotalTech members.

This loyalty scheme, which costs $200 a year, grants you access to a 24/7 support line, discounts on electronic items and the occasional exclusive sale. In terms of the latter, TotalTech members will sometimes be given the opportunity to purchase PS5s without having to worry about competition from regular shoppers.

Still, if you are just after a PlayStation (and won't get any use out of the scheme's other benefits) then it's probably not worth the costly investment.

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Newegg PS5 Restock

Today's Newegg Shuffle doesn't contain any PS5 bundles. Instead, the contents of the draw are entirely made up of PC gaming components, power supplies and desktop processors.

Every so often, next-gen consoles will be featured in these daily lotteries, so it is always worth checking them. In fact, there was a PS5 included in Tuesday's (November 9) shuffle.

While you wait for the next draw to be announced, you can peruse the rest of Newegg's website to see if there are any used PlayStation 5s for sale. Of course, anything that you find here will likely be sold by third-party scalpers and will therefore come with a ludicrous price tag.

For instance, there is currently a second-hand PS5 listed on the marketplace for $1,099, which is over double what you should be paying for the console.

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Amazon PS5 Restock

You are unable to add either the PS5 or the Xbox Series X to your Amazon basket at the time of writing. However, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday now rapidly approaching, this could change at any minute.

For a detailed breakdown of the best early Black Friday gaming deals currently running, click here.

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Antonline PS5 Restock

As per our last update, you still can't get a PS5 from Antonline. Yet there are a number of Xbox Series S bundles readily available on the website.

For more information about these deals, check out our separate update on Microsoft's rival hardware.

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Sam's Club PS5 Restock

The Xbox Series S is listed at Sam's Club as well, where it is going for $379.98. The bundle in question includes a PDP Media Remote and a Rig 500 Pro EX wired headset, which is a pretty good deal for that price.

There are unfortunately no PlayStation units up for grabs at Sam's Club, but Newsweek will continue to monitor the situation in our future updates.

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GameStop PS5 Restock

Since coordinating in-store drops at key locations around the country, GameStop hasn't replenished its online PS5 inventory.

Reputable tracker @MattSwider is particularly good at flagging imminent restocks at GameStop, as he has a number of inside sources in the chain's distribution warehouses. As such, we would recommend that you follow him on Twitter for timely updates.

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Target PS5 Restock

If you try browsing for PS5s on Target's website, you will be confronted with a disheartening message informing you that these items can only be viewed "when inventory is available."

In other words, you won't have any luck getting a console from this retailer right now.

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Costco PS5 Restock

The PS5 isn't available from Costco at the time of writing and hasn't been in stock since Thursday, October 28.

To be alerted of any potential drops in the future, follow dedicated console trackers like @GYXdeals and @Wario64 on Twitter and turn on notifications.

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