PS5 Restock Update for Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, GameStop, PS Direct and More

This week has been especially busy for PS5 restocks, but even so, units are still very hard to come by.

On the bright side, there is a chance that you might be able to purchase a console from Target right now if you are lucky. Meanwhile, a couple of last-minute drops are expected to take place before the end of January.

Here is the latest PS5 restock update.

Target PS5 Restock

Depending on your location, you might be able to order a PlayStation 5 from Target right now.

Both the disc and digital edition of the console were restocked on Friday morning at select branches across the country. To clarify, not every store has updated its inventory, so you're not guaranteed to get a PS5.

To check if there are any units available near you, head over to the Target website and then click on the "You're Shopping" button in the top left-hand corner of the screen. You will then be presented with a search field, into which you can enter your local ZIP-code.

Once you have done this, you will be able to browse for PS5 stock at nearby outlets specifically.

Check PS5 restock at Target

Best Buy PS5 Restock

Best Buy was selling the PS5 Digital Edition on Thursday afternoon, where it actually lasted for a few minutes.

For those who consider the lack of a disc drive to be an absolute dealbreaker, the standard edition PlayStation 5 was also restocked at around the same time. On this occasion, you did not even have to sign-up for Best Buy's TotalTech scheme to make a purchase (which is usually not the case).

Unfortunately, both editions of Sony's console are now sold out at Best Buy.

Check PS5 restock at Best Buy

Walmart PS5 Restock

Walmart usually replenished its PS5 inventory on a fortnightly basis, often on Thursdays at 3 p.m. ET.

Given that the merchant's last drop occurred on January 13, it's expected that the next one will take place in the afternoon of January 28.

Check PS5 restock at Walmart

Amazon PS5 Restock

Amazon could also be restocking next week. After all, the online marketplace hasn't been selling the PS5 since December 30, and it typically waits around a month between each restock.

If Amazon continues to adhere to this pattern, then it stands to reason that it would be coordinating its next drop towards the end of January.

Check PS5 restock at Amazon

GameStop PS5 Restock

At the time of writing, you are unable to add a PS5 to your GameStop basket.

To be alerted as soon as the situation changes, we recommend that you follow dedicated console trackers like @GYXdeals, @SupplyNinja and @Wario64 on Twitter and switch on notifications.

Check PS5 restock at GameStop

Antonline PS5 Restock

Antonline restocked on PS5 supplies on Tuesday, January 18. Given how recent that was, it's unlikely that there will be another drop anytime soon.

As is often the case now, the Xbox Series S is available to purchase from Antonline. More details about the various bundles on offer here can be found in our separate restock update for Microsoft's gaming platform.

Check PS5 restock at Antonline

PS Direct PS5 Restock

The only way to get a PS5 from Sony's official storefront is to be invited to a restock event. Without one of those special emails, you won't be able to join the virtual queue.

The invitations are only sent to randomly chosen PlayStation Network (PSN) users, who have registered their interest ahead of time on the PS Direct website. For instructions on how to do this, check out Newsweek's comprehensive guide.

Check PS5 restock at PS Direct

Newegg PS5 Restock

Every day at 11 a.m. ET, Newegg refreshes the contents of its "Shuffle" draw. This lottery is used by the merchant to distribute in-demand electronics, including gaming consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The Newegg Shuffle for Friday, January 21, doesn't feature the PS5 in either its disc or digital editions.

Check PS5 restock at Newegg

Costco PS5 Restock

Compared to the other retailers on this list, Costco doesn't restock its PS5 units very often. In fact, the last drop took place all the way back in October 2021.

For this reason, console trackers don't pay very much attention to Costco's inventory levels or provide frequent updates. That being said, if there are any surprise restocks, @GYXdeals, @SupplyNinja and @Wario64 will let you know.

Check PS5 restock at Costco

Sam's Club PS5 Restock

As mentioned in our previous update, there are no PS5 consoles up for grabs at Sam's Club right now.

Check PS5 restock at Sam's Club

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PS5 Logo Appears in Electronics Store
Image shows the PS5 logo on display. The next-gen console is currently available at select Target branches. Charly Triballeau/Getty Images

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