PS5 Restock Update for Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, GameStop and More

PS5 restocks have been very infrequent since the start of October.

Things are starting to look up though, especially as we approach November and the Black Friday sales. With that said, here is the latest restock information for every major retailer in the U.S.

Walmart PS5 Restock

Walmart has announced that it will be running a series of Black Friday events throughout the month of November, during which there is a chance that you might be able to pick up a PS5 or an Xbox Series X.

The first of these (which is explicitly focused on tech deals and toys) will begin on November 3 at 3:00 p.m. ET and runs until November 5.

If you miss that one, then there will then be a second event between November 10 and November 12. However, this one is geared more towards apparel and home goods, so it is less likely to have PS5s.

As for the final event, that will take place on an as-of-yet undisclosed date. Little information about this one is known.

Until these Black Friday sales start, you can browse Walmart's website for preowned consoles. As always, you should bear in mind that these will be sold by third-party scalpers and will be going for a highly inflated rate.

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PS Direct PS5 Restock

Sony's official storefront will be inviting some lucky customers to buy PlayStation units in November.

You can register to express an interest in this restock ahead of time, but that does not automatically guarantee that you will be getting a PS5. Instead, the merchant will be carefully selecting applicants (based on various criteria) who will then receive email communications at a later date.

More information about how all of this will work is available here.

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Amazon PS5 Restock

You cannot get a new PS5 from Amazon at the moment, and there does not appear to be many second-hand units listed on the website either.

Hopefully, the situation will improve as we get closer to November and the Black Friday sale. In the meantime, Newsweek will continue to keep a close eye on the marketplace's inventory.

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Newegg PS5 Restock

While the PS5 is not featured in Monday's Newegg shuffle, the Xbox Series X has made a surprise appearance.

If you are interested in buying Microsoft's next-gen console, then your best option at the moment is to enter this lottery draw. It's a relatively costly bundle (at $734.95), but the chosen shopper will get a few accessories and a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator as well.

As for the PS5, you can try looking elsewhere on the Newegg website to see if there are any secondhand models up for grabs. Just be aware that anything you find here will likely be overpriced, as scalpers will be trying to turn a profit.

For instance, there is a standalone PlayStation unit going for $908.95 at Newegg as of time of writing, which is almost double the recommended manufacture's price.

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Best Buy PS5 Restock

The last PS5 restock at Best Buy occurred on Friday, October 1 but the sales were limited exclusively to the chain's "Totaltech" members.

To be a "Totaltech" member, you need to pay a $199 annual fee. For those who were not already registered on the scheme, this would have incurred an extra cost on top of the already steep price of the PS5 itself.

As such, it is not really worth signing up for a "Totaltech" membership just for the sake of one transaction. On the other hand, if you are likely to be buying a lot of electronics from Best Buy, then it might be worth your consideration.

There is still no indication of when the next standard Best Buy drop will be taking place.

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Target PS5 Restock

You still cannot get a PS5 from Target, but the Nintendo Switch OLED edition was restocked earlier on Monday. Depending on where you live, you might still be able to order the handheld device for in-store collection.

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GameStop PS5 Restock

The PS5 is unavailable from GameStop at the moment.

Lately, whenever the outlet has been selling next-gen consoles, it has reserved stock exclusively for its "PowerUp Rewards Pro" members. If you want to be prepared for this in anticipation of the next drop, you can sign up for the loyalty scheme on the GameStop website for $14.99.

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Antonline PS5 Restock

Antonline does not have any PS5 units in stock right now, but there are a couple of Xbox Series S bundles up for grabs.

For more information about these (now dwindling) supplies, read our separate update on Microsoft's rival hardware.

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Sam's Club PS5 Restock

When we published our last update, you were at least able to get an Xbox Series S from Sam's Club but even those units have since been depleted.

As such, you can no longer buy any next-gen consoles from the merchant.

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Costco PS5 Restock

The PS5 is unavailable at Costco and is very rarely in stock at the retailer anyway. If an unexpected drop occurs in the near future, reliable console trackers like @mattswider and @Wario64 will send out timely updates.

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PS5 Logo Appears in Electronics Store
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