Queen Greets Justin Trudeau in First Face-to-Face Meeting Since COVID

Queen Elizabeth II has undertaken her first in-person meeting with a world leader since the announcement that she had tested positive for COVID-19.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada's visit marks the biggest by a head of state to Britain since President Biden was received by the Queen last June.

The meeting also follows a series of health scares that saw the Queen take a break from official duties last autumn.

The audience held at Windsor Castle was made by the Canadian Prime Minister as part of a visit to the U.K. to conduct talks with Prime Minister Brois Johnson and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the state of affairs in Ukraine.

The monarch, 95, is also the Queen of Canada and has taken a continued interest in the country throughout her 70-year reign.

The Queen first met Justin Trudeau when he was a boy during visits she made to Canada while his father, Pierre Trudeau, was serving in the Canadian government and later as Prime Minister from 1980 to 1984.

The meeting comes at a tough time for Trudeau following a heated series of protests against his government's Covid-19 public safety measures back home.

The audience was held in the Queen's private rooms at Windsor Castle and she was seen to be wearing a light green and blue patterned dress with trademark pearls which were a gift from her grandfather, King George V.

Queen Elizabeth II Trudeau
The Queen has known Trudeau since he was a boy when visiting Canada while his father Pierre was in office. Seen here at Windsor Castle, March 7. Steve Parsons/POOL/AFP via Getty Images
Queen Elizabeth II Trudeau
Queen Elizabeth II receives Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Windsor Castle, March 7. Elizabeth is also the Queen of Canada and takes a keen interest in the country. Steve Parsons/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Prime Minister Trudeau was photographed clasping the monarch's hands in greeting. This comes following the announcement that the Queen had tested positive for COVID-19 in February, despite being triple jabbed.

Said at the time to only be experiencing "mild cold-like" symptoms there was concern for the long-term health of the monarch following a prolonged bout of illness towards the end of 2021.

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Now, apparently fully recovered, the Queen has returned to a round of light duties with ambassadorial meetings conducted over video conference last week.

The meeting with Trudeau also follows a series of reports by the Hollywood Unlocked gossip website stating that the Queen had passed away following the Covid-19 announcement.

Jason Lee, CEO of Hollywood Unlocked, doubled down on the report in a statement on Instagram sharing "I have never been wrong."

The website finally conceded that the reporting was false when it was announced by Buckingham Palace on March 3 that the Queen had undertaken two engagements from Windsor Castle.

This year, 2022, marks the Queen's 70th year on the throne, celebrations for which are being planned for this summer in London, and will include a special Trooping of the Colour ceremony and Platinum Party at the Palace concert outside Buckingham Palace.