How the Ending of Netflix's 'Red Notice' Sets Up a Sequel

Red Notice is streaming now on Netflix, and it's quite the ride of crosses and double crosses. This is the case until right at the end, when one final twist sets up a new set of allegiances for a potential sequel.

By the end of the movie, art thieves Nolan Booth (played by Ryan Reynolds) and The Bishop (Gal Gadot), and FBI agent John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) have their eyes set on one of the world's most famous art museums—and one that has already suffered a major break-in on Netflix.

Of course, if Red Notice 2 is anything like the first, exactly who can trust whom is totally up in the air, but the ending seems to suggest that the two sides are set for a big shake-up, as the trio prepare for the biggest heist of their lives.

And, of course, there is someone on their tail who is sure to be pretty angry about being fooled so many times.

**WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Red Notice**

What happened at the end of Red Notice?

First, a brief summary of how we get to the end of the film. For most of the Netflix movie, we are led to believe that The Rock and Reynolds' characters are working together to stop The Bishop from getting a complete set of Cleopatra's Eggs, which a shady billionaire is willing to pay $300 million for.

However, we then learn that Hartley has been working with The Bishop this whole time, he created the ruse because Booth is the only person who knows where the third egg is.

After Hartley and The Bishop give the eggs to the billionaire, they then tip off Interpol. That way, they get to keep the money, the police have their eggs (so the case is closed) and they can disappear into the sunset.

Just as they are doing this on their new yacht, Booth has other ideas. The pair had also tipped off Interpol where Booth was, but he was then able to escape the police and stowaway on the pair's yacht.

red notice ending
Ryan Reynolds in "Red Notice." The movie ends with his character making an offer that John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) and The Bishop (Gal Gadot) cannot refuse. Netflix

Popping up on the boat, Booth reveals another twist to the pair—he tipped Interpol off to where Hartley's account was, and the police have frozen the account and left the pair with nothing. And to add insult to injury, he has tipped the police off to the location of their boat.

He does, however, have a deal for them. He has an idea for a heist that requires three master thieves, and if they agree to help him he will help them escape.

They agree, and the next time we see them is in Paris (no, the film does not tell us how they escape, but that's pretty par for the course for this movie). Not before, however, Inspector Urvashi Das (Ritu Aryu) has put a red notice on all three of them. And if you cannot remember the text from the top of the film, a "red notice" is the highest level of arrest warrant issued by Interpol, reserved for the most-wanted criminals in the world.

Das is unlikely to be the only person on the trio's tale. After all, you cannot just con a billionaire out of $300 million and expect to get away with it.

So what exactly will the trio be stealing in the next film? Booth does not say, but the film gives us a big clue with the final scene. The building the trio are outside is the Louvre, aka one of the world's most famous art museums.

red notice pyramid
The pyramid at the Louvre in Paris, France. The ending of "Red Notice" hints that the movie's central trio are planning on robbing it. Getty

There is plenty of items the film could go for in the sequel. Maybe they need three people to carry the famous armless statue the Venus de Milo, or a painting like The Raft of the Medusa. Or perhaps they could be stealing the most famous work of art of all, the Mona Lisa. Or maybe the film will be revealed to be part of the Dan Brown universe and they are after the Holy Grail itself.

All of these are possibilities, as is the idea that they are again stealing some sort of fictional Macguffin as they did in this movie. This was the approach taken by Netflix's Lupin, another piece of content about a robbery in the Louvre that revolved around a fictional necklace.

Of course, all this will rely on whether Netflix orders a sequel. So far, they have not done so, but may do so if the movie is enough of a hit to compensate for the millions of dollars Netflix surely paid for it.

Red Notice is available to stream on Netflix now.