Dad's Reaction To Girlfriend Refusing To Buy Treat For His Daughter Praised

A father has been praised for "sticking up" for his daughter after his girlfriend refused to buy her a drink from Starbucks after spending hundreds of dollars of his money on her own daughter during an outing with the two children.

According to a post shared by user pottAH__ (the boyfriend's 17-year-old daughter) that received at least 14,100 upvotes on Reddit's Am I the A**hole (AITA) forum, the 33-year-old girlfriend was taking her 13-year-old daughter on a "special outing" as she had passed a math test.

Her 45-year-old boyfriend suggested his daughter join them for "girls day out," giving the girlfriend $300 to spend during the outing,

"I wanted to say no but I knew that he wanted me to get to know his gf [girlfriend] and gf's daughter better so I agreed," the 17-year-old said.

A father comforting his daughter.
A father looking at a daughter with her hands in her face while sitting on a bed. Reddit users have praised a father's reaction to his girlfriend refusing to buy his daughter a treat during an outing. iStock/Getty Images Plus

After spending the day buying her daughter "a s**t ton of clothes, makeup, and other stuff," according to the user, the trio stopped by a Starbucks venue because the girlfriend's daughter wanted a drink and some cake pops.

While the girlfriend ordered a drink for herself and her daughter as well as two cake pops, when the 17-year-old asked whether she could also order something, the girlfriend claimed "she ran out of money" and would get her something "next time."

When the user asked if she could have one of the cake pops, the girlfriend allegedly said it was her daughter's treat and "it would be wrong" for the user to take one since "I didn't do anything that deserved being rewarded."

The user said: "When we got back home, my dad saw their drinks and asked where mine was. I told him that 'I wasn't allowed to get one cause I don't deserve it.'"

The girlfriend allegedly then said the 17-year-old was "twisting her words," while her daughter claimed the user was "being greedy" and "jealous of her."

In a study published in May 2021, led by East Carolina University anthropologist Ryan Schacht and researchers from the University of Utah, Schacht said: "The metrics of what makes a family successful—household stability, relationship stability and economic stability—are achieved by stepparents investing in their stepchildren to make that a reality. Coming in with an antagonistic approach doesn't make sense if stepparents want their relationship to succeed."

A study published in March 2021 in the Journal of Family Issues show that stepparents "perceived their stepchildren more strongly as their own children" if the stepchildren lived with them before they turned 18, while "mothers perceived stepchildren less as their own than fathers."

In an update from the original poster, the user said upon hearing the full story, her father apologized and said he'll be "returning everything that was bought" and will be taking a day off work to spend time with his daughter.

The user said her father also put his girlfriend and her daughter in a hotel "so I can have space from them" and said they'd remain there until the return of her mother, who has been visiting her sick grandfather in Sweden.

"Once I'm ready to see them he [the father] said they will apologize to me and once my mom comes back he's going to have a talk with [his] gf," in a comment that received 20,400 upvotes.

Several users praised the dad for supporting his daughter.

Puzzleheaded_Pea_137 said: "I'm so glad your dad is sticking up for you and not tolerating this kind of treatment of his daughter," in a comment that received 4,000 upvotes.

User MsCellaneous wrote: "Wow, your dad is awesome. Actually paying attention to his daughter's needs and not dismissing the BS girlfriend is trying to pull," in a comment that got 280 upvotes.

TheoryAddict wrote: "I'm glad your father isn't choosing them over you!" in a comment that got 150 upvotes.

Many Redditors condemned the "disgusting," "petty" and "unbelievable" behavior of the "callous" girlfriend.

User FoolMe1nceShameOnU wrote the 17-year-old was "absolutely" entitled to a drink as well as a cake treat. "Your dad gave her $300 that was meant to be spent on ALL THREE of you for the day's disgusting that she would go to a coffee shop and get things for herself and her daughter and not for you," in a comment that received 23,000 upvotes at the time of publishing.

User tulipbunnys said the user was "nowhere in the wrong" for being annoyed and that the girlfriend and her daughter "should be ashamed of themselves for manipulating the situation," in a comment that got 1,300 upvotes.

User Motherofbeansthecat wrote: "You only asked for one thing, which works out to less than one percent of the entire day's budget, and she treated you like a spoiled brat for even asking. Truly unbelievable on her part," in a comment that received 691 upvotes.

Several others praised the 17-year-old for her composure and maturity in the situation.

User DragonCelica said: "OP deserved every single cake pop that store had for enduring the girlfriend's blatant cruelty, while still maintaining her composure," adding that "to be so callous towards you shows a serious gap in compassion and empathy," in a comment that got 589 upvotes.

Apprehensive-Ad4244 wrote: "That shows real maturity and strength of character!," in a comment that received 168 upvotes.

Several users also hoped the father would take the latest incident as a warning about the girlfriend's character.

User dinkydish noted: "There are more than a dozen red flags in your story and it sounds like your father is also becoming a victim" in a comment that got 782 upvotes.

Practical-Big7550 agreed, stating: "I cannot imagine the level of pettiness this gf [girlfriend] has. To buy a drink for herself and her daughter but not you," noting that is "a monumental red flag" that the user's "father cannot, and should not ignore," in a comment that received 208 upvotes.

User paspartuu described the girlfriend as a "horrible greedy petty person who wanted OP to feel excluded and like shit, instead of trying to bond with her bf's daughter. Stupid, stupid move, but it's lucky she showed her cards before they married."

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