Report Claims Bigfoot Was Seen in State Park: 'State of Amazement'

A report filed with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization on August 7 claimed that three people spotted a "Bigfoot" in Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina.

According to the report, the sighting occurred at about noon on August 2 as they were leaving the lighthouse and driving along the exit road.

"As we were rounding a slight curve on the exit road, we all spotted a creature walking quickly on the left side of the road approximately 15 to 20 feet in front of our car," the report said. "The incident happened very quickly as the creature disappeared into the lush Palmetto & Pine forest that surrounds the exit road."

Bigfoot Sign
Here, a stock image of a street sign featuring Bigfoot. A report filed in early August claimed that a Bigfoot was sighted in a South Carolina state park. pabradyphoto/iStock

According to the Arizona State Museum, the legend of Bigfoot became popular in 1958 after a man created plaster casts of the huge footprints he found around his work site.

Bigfoot is often described as being covered in hair and huge in size.

"A Native American tradition in the Pacific Northwest tells of a giant hair-covered ogre named Tsonoqua who steals children and food," the museum said. "This is likely the origin of the Sasquatch or Bigfoot legend."

People have made reports and claimed to have seen Bigfoot through the years, but physical evidence of the creature "remains elusive."

"The search for Bigfoot and other undocumented species falls under the quasi-scientific discipline of cryptozoology," the museum said.

The report stated that the three people all said they saw the creature as it walked in front of their car, and they all had the same description of what they witnessed.

They said they believed the height of the creature was between 5 to 6 feet tall, while the legs specifically were 3 three feet long.

The creature was seen for just a moment before disappearing into the trees.

"We were all in a state of amazement as to what occurred as it happened so quickly," the report said, noting that since the 1950s, the three took vacations at the park. "While the area is abundant in wildlife, we have never witnessed anything like this in the past."

They reported what they found to the Hunting Island State Park office on August 3 and spoke with the park superintendent.

"He informed me that he would take the report as a credible incident and initiate an investigation," the report concluded.

A spokesperson with Hunting Island State Park wrote to Newsweek that they received a report that a visitor saw something they thought was "unusual" but could not provide specific details.

"We are a busy state park, so we are sure it was most likely another visitor or animal moving through a wooded area," they said.

This is not the first time stories have surfaced about unidentified creatures.

An image that was taken from camera footage was posted online and made its rounds on various platforms as people tried to determine what was seen.

A state representative in Oklahoma previously announced a $3 million bounty for the person who safely captured Bigfoot.

A TikToker claimed she came across Bigfoot while at the top of a mountain.

Updated 09/06/2022, 2:46 p.m. ET: This story has been updated with comments from a spokesperson from Hunting Island State Park.